Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kitten heels: Yay or Nay?

I've been seeing a lot of kitten heels for the past few weeks. It's listed as part of Spring's 2011 trends, and seeing kitten heels again brings me back to a time when I purchased my first ever kitten-heeled sandals from Nine West. I used my first paycheck, thank you very much, and I was delighted that Nine West (during that time) offered small size 5 shoes.

I wore my Nine West "Musettte" kitten heels to work twice a week. I was very careful because I thought if I used it everyday, the normal wear and tear of commuting might ruin it. Bottomline is, I loved it to bits because it was cushioned and the ruffle trim was so pretty.

What are kitten heels? 

A kitten heel is a type of shoe with a thin-based, low heel that is set in from the back of the shoe (source). The small and pointed heel of this footwear turns inward like the claws of the kitten, hence the name. At the same time, these heels due to their "kittenish" appearance look cute and charming. Usually the heel size of kitten heels is limited to 1.5" or 2", and as such are more comfortable to wear as compared to stilettos. (source).

Although I haven't purchased any similar sandals as of late, I've been seeing so many negative reactions on this particular style online. I know stilettos or high heels can do wonders -- it can elongate the legs and make us seem taller. Kitten heels prolly isn't the sexiest or trendiest style out there, but then again, don't we all need a break from the sky high's and wear shoes that don't hurt the balls of our feet? And I'm not talking about transitioning to sneakers or any of that sort.

Leopard Furry Peep-toe Kitten Wedges with Bows
Miu Miu Patent Leather Wedge Sandals and Prada Point-Toe Wedge Pumps
AND there's also the kitten wedge which I've seen a lot of at Payless. What do you think? I think the red T-bar style on the Miu Miu pair is alright, it's versatile enough that you can wear them from day to night. And a kitten wedge is decidedly more stable than the kitten heel. So are you on board with this particular trend?

Do you wear kitten heels or kitten wedges? 
If you do, how do you style them?


  1. I'm a huge fan of kitten heels haha. They give me enough height without killing my lower back. My sister hates them though.

  2. I'm comfortable with kitten heels coz most of the time I do long walks outside ;)

  3. @Bea: Ako din, although now I am exploring the world of platform wedges and I am actually liking the extra height boost! Still love the ballet flats tho ;)

    @Faith: I agree! :)