Friday, April 1, 2011

Aw...poor little P-nut

Happy April Fool's Day!

My task for the day was to actually pull a prank on my sister this morning, but got sidetracked when Tubby, our 10-lb obese dachshund, had a fight with my doggie P-nut. Twas neither one's fault actually, someone just forgot to close the gate that separates the two. They are not friends, obviously :(

Unfortunately, P-nut was badly bruised and has a puncture wound in his left leg. So needless to say, all my supposed pranks just went out the window. P-nut is now taking pain killers and is sleeping soundly in my bed. He has difficulty walking so I have to help him around the house.

How was everyone's day so far? Hope your April 1 is better.


  1. Hi Bea! P-nut says thanks for the well-wishes. Also, I posted our photos on FB, I'll tag you na lang :)

  2. awww i hope he gets better soon

  3. Poor P-nut.... :( How about Tubby? Is he alright?

    Just a week ago, same thing happened to our new hamsters. *sigh*

  4. @Vivi: Gasp! I miss having hamsters! Are the little guys ok? P-nut always seems to bounce back from situations like this. His bandage is now off, and he's been running around like it's nobody's business :) Tubby is A-ok, he's a bigger breed so he's obviously not the underdog ;)

  5. I think I better not talk about the hamsters... :'( Just that we never thought hamsters could be so territorial. Lesson learned.