Monday, April 25, 2011

Art of Scent

There are certain fragrances that take me away and remind me of important moments in my life. For example, Johnson's baby cologne and Nenuco remind me of childhood summers and my then baby nephew, Andre. GAP Heaven and Dream remind me of high school while L'eau par Kenzo and Ralph both remind me of college. I am particularly loyal to perfume and I still have all of the aforementioned in my stash, and I just rotate them according to my mood and the weather. My current fragrance of choice, however, is Annick Goutal which I've been using for the past 4 years.

I think a good signature fragrance is important -- it announces your arrival and at the same time leaves an olfactory imprint on your guests. You could say that I am more drawn to floral and fruity scents, nothing too overpowering nor too sweet, I am not the Victoria's Secret type of person.


If you're in fragrance limbo and are in search of your signature scent, then you might want to visit Art of Scent, the country's first luxury stand-alone fragrance store. When I was invited to this quaint boutique, I was quite refreshed that they didn't have people spritzing everyone with perfume eager to make a sale. I'd say, it's almost like a haven for us who want to choose fragrances in peace.

The store was created with the goal of uplifting the fragrance consumer’s overall shopping experience. The concept behind the store is to instill in the consumer a deeper appreciation of the nuances in choosing the right fragrance that suits them best. For Art of Scent, choosing a fragrance is as easy as pie as it takes inspiration from the industry-standard fragrance wheel composed of four major families:





Perfumes under each family are displayed with testers on a tray, all to educate and help consumers choose which fragrances they want to go home with. You could say, I never left the fresh and floral section, haha. My sister would totally go bonkers over the woody ad oriental tray, I'd totally bring her here this weekend.

Furthermore, the store also has a main section for the top 10 selling men’s and top 10 selling women’s fragrance references based on national sales. This sections serves as the store’s anchor, so called because this section will be a permanent fixture of the store. 

After much sniffing, here are my top picks:

(for obvious reasons, hehe)
Anne Curtis is reportedly a fan of this
More fun event photos below:

Alex with her favorite scent "Play"
Alex and Vern
Gerick and Jenny
Me, Alex, Jenny and Celine
Mich, Phoebe, Krissy and Ava


No one deserves a day of indulgence more than the silent hero of the household -- your mom.  Treat your beloved wonder woman to a day of shopping and luxury at the Art of Scent’s 3-day sale this Mothers day weekend.

This May 6, 7 and 8, Art of Scent rolls out the red carpet in honor of mothers everywhere. Besides receiving huge discounts of up 15%, moms receive a special gift with every perfume purchase. What’s more, guests are treated to an endless supply of fine chocolates and champagne too, ensuring for a pampered shopping experience; it’s nothing less than VIP treatment for mom! 

ART of SCENT is located at the ground floor of the posh Resorts World in Newport City, Philippines.


  1. Ang kyot mo dito Kira!

    And the perfume is Play, but I forgot the label. Grarr. I'll check my other photos.


  2. Of courze...I'm always kyoot. LOL. I really want Tartine but I'm still on a shopping ban :( See you Saturday?

  3. Tartine has always been a favourite, along with Nenuco, J&J and Denenes. But I've decided that after I finish all the scents I have going on right now (which will give me time to save up for what will be my mainstays as I have about 7 open---YIKES! I know!), I'm going to stick to these 4: D&G's The One, L'Occitane's Cherry Blossom, Dior's Escale series (I think there are 3 but I can't decide which I want most!)and Chanel Chance. Grown up choices daw o! Haha!

    1. I finally bought a bottle of Tartine! Haha :D

  4. I think it's normal to have several different perfumes at your disposal :) Kung small sizes ok lang cos I can easily stash it in my purse/satchel. Oo nga, very sophisticated and grown up naman ng perfumes mo :D

  5. Marc Jacob's Daisy! I've always wanted one. I'm currently using Fergie's Outspoken (syempre love your own!) :)