Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where to shop for graduation dresses

Graduation is easily one of the most memorable experiences in a young adult's life. It puts a climactic and emotional end to several years of preparation for what adults call “the real world.” As the celebration draws near, there is still one more thing that needs our attention before we finally bid farewell to our alma mater: what to wear under our symbolic graduation gown.

Although finding the perfect dress isn’t too much of a concern here, finding the right dress is important. First of all, dress for the occasion. Try to find out first if your school has particular dress codes for the ceremony. Although you might feel tempted to loosen up and wear whatever you think is going to be convenient, recognize the dignity of the occasion and the fact that you have to dress appropriately.

Next, remember that graduation gowns are usually made of thick fabric so whatever you wear underneath should help keep you cool and fresh. Otherwise you’ll end up sweating like a pig – hot, uncomfortable, and sweaty shouldn’t be the words that first come to mind when you think of this joyful day. If your graduation will be held outdoors, your best bet is to choose cool, lightweight fabrics.

A little patience is all you need to find that suitable dress that you can wear not only for your graduation but, hopefully, for several other occasions to come.

Encore Red Tulip Dress w/ scarf P699
It’s been said time and again; SM Dept. Store really offers a lot of well-made dresses that are surprisingly affordable. A good dress can go for P600 to about P1,500 only. One of their exclusive labels, Encore, offers clothes in figure-enhancing and weather-appropriate fabrics such as stretch cotton and jersey.

Blanc et Noir dress below P1,000
As the name suggests, Blanc et Noir offers moslty classic, tailor-cut black and white dresses for about P1,000 and below. If this may seem a little too bland for you, keep in mind that these outfits can work as a blank canvas which you can spruce up with the right accessories. Blanc et Noir dresses can also do double duty as corporate wear later on.

Studio Lace dress with tiered hem P1,199.75
For vintage romantic pieces, try checking out Studio as they incorporate lace, tutus, leopard prints and other interesting combinations in their dresses.


  1. Thanks for this! I'm graduating this April and I'm looking for dress options :D Following your blog now :)

  2. Awesome! Congratulations and I hope you have a blast ;)

  3. I remember wearing a very "hot" dress for my graduation. The toga on top didn't help, I was sweating all afternoon! That made my graduation day memorable in a 'perspiring' way, I wish it could have been more inspiring. Which brings me to this : those dresses look inspired.

    Happy graduation everyone!

    Btw, did you know that is going to offer huge discounts for their dermatological and cosmetic surgery services on next week?

    This is really exciting news! I do hope you guys can check it out. Go buy some vouchers to give as gifts to friends and family who are graduating soon1 :D