Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Watsons Beauty Lab 2011

Anyone who's gone beauty/makeup shopping with me knows that I take the time to scour the aisles for new products and thoroughly read the label to check on the ingredients. I like having all my needs in one place, and it's no surprise that Watsons has always been my go-to store for the past couple of years.

Watsons offers a bevy of beauty innovations -- lotions, cleaners, hair products, you name them and I'm pretty sure Watsons has them exclusively in-store. What's more, I can now depend on Watsons to carry all my internal beauty needs as well like Myra-E, Cosmo and Belo Nutraceuticals. Indeed, Watsons has now become an indispensable part of my shopping lifestyle.

Today, we were invited to witness the unveiling of some of Watsons' new products. I was quite giddy because as beauty blogger/writer who's very particular about skin and hair care, I am always on the lookout for new products to address my sensitive skin and dry, thick hair. First let me share with you what we had for breakfast at 2nds, Fort:

delish Apple Crumble

Finally, I was able to drag Alex to this event. The last time I saw her was at the Robinsons Yuletide Sale last year! (Busy kasi ako e -- Alex)

I shall be writing a separate post on all the newest Watsons products, for now here are more photos of us happy campers:

discussing Watsons and their vision
With Jenny Yrasuegui, Denise Congco and Alex
Karl, Alex, Denise, Mike and Anton
the beautiful people of Watsons
Jared, Me, Alex, Shen, Denise
After the event, Alex and I were hungry (again!) and so we headed to TGIF with our [heavy] loot bags. We are so excited to try the stuff they gave us, stay tuned for reviews in a few. 

I wore my hamsas today for protection and goodluck. Protection from what, I don't know. But teal is my favorite color, so there.

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  1. pretty bracelet! and the apple crumble looks yummy! I want one now! lol.