Thursday, March 17, 2011

Surprise Parcel: UNE Beauty

Last year, my friend Evie contacted me on Facebook requesting for Gibo merchandise. At that time, I was campaigning for presidential candidate, Gibo Teodoro, and gladly sent her family ballers, stickers and calendars. Her Dad was so pleased with the merch that Evie said she'd return the favor by sending me some organic/natural cosmetics from the UK where she is based.

Evie was one of my colleagues over at Expedia (PeopleSupport) from way, way back in 2002. We parted ways when I transferred companies and she flew to the UK. I really haven't seen my batchmates since, and I miss them terribly. Thank God for blogs, twitter and Facebook, right?

Anyway, I wasn't really expecting her to send me stuff because I know that we all lead very busy lives. But look what came in the mail today!

Gasp! I love, love receiving parcels, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :) And I love how used glittery paper and a cute polka dotted ribbon. So tres chic!

Love the handwritten note, too <3 Do you guys still send notes with your gifts/parcels? I do! Especially for really close friends and loved ones. The art of writing letters (or personalized notes) shouldn't go away, no matter how busy we all are.

Evie knows how I like natural cosmetics, and she gladly sent me my first UNE beauty loot. UNE offers natural, paraben-free cosmetics that enhance our skin rather than hiding it.

UNE prioritises ingredients from natural or organic origin to guarantee that products are not only effective, but also good for the skin and more environmentally friendly.

The packaging is eco-friendly so as to minimize the negative impact on the planet. This means that the sliding packs (for eyeshadows, blushers and pressed powders) have been designed to accommodate refills and the materials used are all recyclable. With all of our suppliers, all plastic waste is sorted and recycled, and for some packaging, waste is non-existent due to its eco-conception.

Finally, we chose to produce most of our packs and products (formulas) in Europe in order to minimize transport and therefore the environmental impact. This is what makes UNE eco-friendly.

"I am natural. I don't hide behind a thick layer or make-up that absorbs my personality. I want make-up that enhances my beauty without concealing it."

I can't wait to try out these awesome goodies! Thank you so much, Evie! XOXO


  1. Lucky you, dear!
    Hope you'll review them sometime soon. :)