Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Pure Beauty Super Brightening Range

One trip to the nearest mall and you'll soon be faced with an insane amount of whitening products! I kid you not, Filipinas have always been obsessed with lightening/brightening products in the hopes of having clear, radiant and an even skintone.

I believe we all agree that nasty blemishes, sun spots and other discolorations are things that we all need to address, regardless of our skin color and skin type. The goal is not really whiten like crazy, but to achieve luminous and healthy skin, yes?

So in line with this, Watsons brings us their newest product line, the Pure Beauty Super Brightening range. The line offers natural whitening care for long lasting brightening effect and radiant flawless skin. The Pure Beauty Super Brightening range blends the skin whitening power of AWC (Advanced Whitening Complex) with intensely moisturizing White Flower Complex to hydrate, refresh, protect and visibly brighten your skin.

The products are also mildly scented with a refreshing and pleasant floral aroma. This line not online brightens, but combats aging as well.

Pure Beauty Super Brightening Skincare line:

Multi Cleanser Php 229 / 125ml– An advanced cleansing formula for day and night that rinses off impurities, prevents the formation of melanin and provides a soothing function to brighten and nourish the skin.  Special Vitamin E granules enhance the antioxidant benefits, for a brighter, clearer and flawless complexion.

Toner Php 299 / 150ml  - Follow the Multi-Cleaner with the whitening formulated Toner that provides anti-oxidizing, soothing and whitening functions to combat dullness and enhance skin tone.  Key ingredients, Arbutin and Vitamin B3 help to block the formation of dark skin pigmentation resulting in brighter skin.

Eye Gel Php 229 / 15ml - For brighter looking eyes, this gel has a unique whitening formula that fights against formation of pigmentation and targets puffiness and dark circles, whilst protecting against UV rays and free radicals

Essence Php 399 / 30ml – Used on cleansed skin both morning and night, this essence is quickly absorbed to boost the skins’ whitening process and nourishing functions throughout the day.  It is a concentrated formula that combats pigmentation for whiter, clearer skin with a radiating glow.

Day Lotion SPF 15 Php 449 / 50 ml - A multi-whitening day lotion that moisturises and helps purify skin of pigmentation and blocks oxidation for a clearer, whiter and flawless complexion.  Added SPF 15 helps to protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.  Easily absorbed for enhanced penetration.

Night Cream Php 449 / 50ml – This unique whitening formula effectively helps fight against pigmentation and dullness while you sleep.  Melts into skin for enhanced penetration and boosts the whitening effect overnight.  Results in refreshed, rejuvenated and radiant skin.

I am personally very interested in the essence and the eye gel (am trying it out as we speak). And I'm trying to determine how to incorporate the others in my current skin regimen, but so far, I am liking how these formulations feel light on the skin.

Are you lemming any of these items? Have you tried any product from the Super Brightening line?

These are all available at Watsons and at the beauty section of all SM Dept. Stores.


  1. ooh those items look interesting. the only thing i've tried from purederm is the jasmine bb cream and it oxidizes on me badly! super cheap but it didn't work for me =(

  2. I haven't tried their BB Creams yet, but I'm hoping these new products would work better for you :)

  3. i am now using this complete set for now...what makes me confused is that may i use the super brightening essence 30ml after putting the super brightening day lotion/night cream everyday? or i may use only one at a time?

  4. Hi Anonymous! There are several ways of using it: you can apply the essence first, then top it with either the day or night cream. But I personally use it at night then top it off with the night cream because I don't want to layer on too many things during the day. Depending on your skin type, you can even opt to use it alone at night :)

  5. hi kira!thanks for this review.I have tried this range in starter kit size, didn't irritate me by any means-im on so obsessed with my acne scars, so badly.i was wondering if u r still using this range, did they break you out, made you oily or any cons i mean?would be so helpful if you answer since i may buy this range, their ingredients do seem nice actually.thanks!

  6. Hi Archi! I have a review on the toner coming up soon (hopefully this week). The range is pretty gentle unless you have very sensitive skin :)

  7. hey looking forward to hear from this review soon :) i couldn't help myself and bought it, it is nice for now :)