Monday, March 7, 2011

Gaga over Sanitizer Sprays

I don't know about you, but I have absolutely been going gaga over these sanitizer/potty sprays since last year. I think I may have collected quite a few, but the ones pictured are my current faves.

Why do I love them so much?

Well first of all, the pocket-sized versions are easy to stash in my bag organizer (I have 2 in my bag at all times). Plus they come in a variety of scents:

Potty Spray - tea tree oil scent
Human Nature Spray Sanitizer - citrus burst
Messy Bessy Candy Cane - cinnamon and mint (so Christmas-y!)
Holy Seat - lemongrass

Also, they can be used many ways: surface cleaner, potty spray, disinfectant, anti-bacterial spray, room/linen spray and hand sanitizer (for the natural/organic ones), plus tons of other stuff you can think of -- like making public bathrooms a little bit more tolerable.

These are all cheap, some go as low as Php 35 each (Holy Seat) to Php 190 (Human Nature), and are available at most malls and organic stores. I still have a few that I am dying to get my hands on (like the ones made by Plantex).

And lastly, they're actually cute and nice to whip out in the bathroom. Hee-hee.

Am I the only one or are you loving these new mini lifesavers, too?


  1. i have the holy seat haha life saver nga ;)

  2. Hi Hazel! I really like Holy Seat too, especially the witty description at the back :)

  3. hi kira! silly question, but do you use the potty spray even if you don't sit down naman on the toilet seat? hehe or just in case of emergencies only? :)

  4. Hi Burning Skies! I use potty spray all the time esp when I use public (like mall) rest rooms. I spray then wipe the seat, whether I decide to actually sit down or not. I like "disinfecting" the whole cubicle of unwanted scents :D

    I rarely sit on public toilets anyway, only if I'm using a lounge (pay) restroom ;)

  5. I've seen these around, especially Holy Seat, but I never bothered to pick one up. I always sanitize using my wet wipes/ feminine wipes and just my biogenic alcohol. I'm might as well give this a try...hehe

    I'm a new follower by the way, I hope you follow back.

  6. @Hollie: Thank you for the follow and welcome to my blog! You should try one, they're very handy and useful. Goodluck! :)

  7. I have Holy Seat and HHN's hand sanitizer! Also the one you gave us for Christmas :)

  8. I have the Citrus Burst as well, but I gave it to my mother because I like the Bubbly Gum spray sanitizer better. Both are from Human Nature btw, and the Bubbly Gum is the version for kids. ;)