Friday, March 18, 2011

Cut and Color at Azta Urban Salon-Katipunan

When was the last time you had your hair colored?

I think I haven't had one in years, it's been so long I don't even remember. When I met Robina at the speed dating event last month, she invited me to visit her salon along Katipunan. Robina was even so generous that she also sponsored my blog giveaway by donating lots of coupons redeemable at Azta Urban Salon.

Cheq and I took a break from work and decided to have our hair professionally cut and colored today. I was quite hesitant at first, because I really didn't feel like spending money on hair services, especially since I'm saving up for my summer vacation. Plus I was content with my good ol' neighborhood salon.

The moment we got there, we were greeted by the staff who assisted us with our questions. I was initially bent on just getting a haircut since I had a free haircut coupon, while Cheq was dead serious on having her hair colored. The front desk wasn't too friendly (I was indifferent and didn't really care either), but it was the Sr. Stylist Mylene and her assistant Edwin that won me over.

These guys patiently and nicely answered all my questions -- and I had a gazillion of them! I asked questions mainly about the hair color they used and what color would suit me.  

Light blonde or Warm Golden Blonde?

Plus, I was very iffy about the prices because the services aren't cheap -- haven't had my hair professionally done in a while, hence the price shock. LOL. BUT Mylene and Edwin were very accommodating and in no way forced me to take this or that. And that, my friends, is the right way to persuade me. In the end (and after 20 minutes of pondering), I decided to have my hair colored. Yay!

I was specific about the color and chose Warm Golden Blonde because I wanted a lighter hair color, but not too light as Robina's. Though I love her gorgeous hair, I don't think I am that adventurous yet. Warm Golden Blonde was a richer, more full-bodied color than Light Blonde (both were in the #6 range which supposedly complemented my skin tone). And so after the hair cut, my fingers were crossed and I hoped it would come out as beautiful as I envision it to be.

And then Edwin made me coffee, and I was specific about that as well -- not too strong, creamy and with sugar, please. He was a godsend, he got my coffee just right. Swoon.

Mylene cutting my very long hair
Edwin: "Bibigyan kita ng bonggang-bonggang blowdry!" LOL
This is Warm Golden Blonde
Not so obvious in this photo, sorry -- but my hair's shorter! Whoopee!
And so after about 2-3 hours, we were done! My hair is not really blonde (don't be fooled by the name) but is actually a nice shade of light brown. Cheq chose Warm Brown and looks happy with her hair, too!

the dynamic duo: Mylene & Edwin
the fish looks sad, I named it fishy-wishy

Azta also hands out care and maintenance tips before you leave, personalized according to your hair concerns/condition. Very convenient since I tend to forget whatever the stylist tells me anyway, hee-hee. And it also shows my next appointment, and some recommended products to maintain the color and health of my hair.

Overall, I'd totally recommend Azta Urban Salon in Katipunan. They also offer INOA hair coloring (approx. Php 2000+)  and digital perming (Php 3000 and Php 4500 with treatment). My only qualm is: it's too far! Boo. But Cheq and I promised to come back for retouching in 3 months, and we're going together cos by then all cabs would have been calibrated with the Php 40 flagdown rate so it is imperative we split the bill. Hee-hee.

How about you, have you tried Azta Urban Salon? Love it or hate it?


  1. I tried an Azta branch in Robinson's Metro East. I had a HORRIBLE experience. My stylist/colorist was so distracted. He just made bilin to some really inept staffer, and my color came out horrible! As in, light at the roots, and darker at the ends! So freaky. I was livid. Worse part - their customer service. They didn't even apologize right away but kept trying to make excuses. I didn't get that sheet with maintenance tips either.

    What pissed me off more than the blotched dye job was the fact that from the start, I kept giving specific instructions and kept asking if the stylist got it, because he seemed distracted. Apparently, he wasn't paying attention. Add to the fact that it took forever for them to apologize (when my hair was obviously ruined - as in, the lady next to me gasped and went "Anong nangyari?!"), the stylist was going, it's your hair's fault. Um, excuse me? He said because the color wouldn't stick? Uh, okay. He tells me this AFTER I get sapin sapin hair? I thought it was really just bad manners, bad training, and terrible terrible service. It was definitely my first and last time in Azta. The magazine selection in that branch is horrible too.

    If the owner happens to read this - I think you need to re-train your Azta staffers in the East.

    At least you're experience there in Katipunan was good! Hassle lang kasi the parking there, I figured!

  2. *your experience there in Katipunan was good!

  3. Anna, Im sorry about your experience! Were they able to rectify it in any way? Cos Azta has a 3-day period wherein they can fix your hair if ever you don't like it. I read that at the reception area before I signed up.

    When was this bad experience? Will definitely tell Robina about this just so she knows what's happening at other branches.

  4. hi kira! sorry it took me so long to reply. Thank you for telling us about this we will tell the owner of the azta robinson's metro east about this, because we are just a franchisee of the Katipunan-branch.

    To Ms. Anna. We would like to apologize for what happened to you in the robinson's metro east branch we will inform the management about what happened. We hope that you can coordinate with us via facebook so that we can follow up on that asap. we hope to hear from you soon. (=

  5. Hi Robina, it's really no problem. I checked with my husband who was with me - it happened over a year ago, around February 2010, he said (he has a better memory). I've never gone back but my husband has gone back once for a haircut. I have to admit for treatments I've stayed away - it takes one bad experience to turn you off from a particular salon, as we all know! But if it leads to better service for the people who go to the salon in the east, well, I hope the feedback helps somewhat.

    No need to apologize - different franchisees pala, like you said! I don't mean to make it my mission to improve the service there hahaha, but heck, if you need anything else from me, Kira has my number. Thanks again.

  6. I have an appointment with Cris tomorrow... :) for digital perm. so excited! saw your blog on Azta's FB wall.

  7. @Jocylfroot: Yay! Im so excited for you! I'm saving up for a digiperm too :)