Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kikay Weekend: The Clinique SPArty

Friends and readers of Project Vanity were treated to an intimate skin consultation and makeover at the Clinique counter of Rustans Makati last Saturday. This was a great opportunity to know more about the luxury brand and to experience their best-sellers first hand.

I've always been a fan of Clinique, I remember my glamorous Lola using the Dramatically Different Lotion back in the day. I've only played with their lipcolors though, because I like how sheer and moisturizing they were.

Hooray for Project Vanity readers! They were all as excited as can be to be there and meet Liz (hee-hee).
First order of the day, a skin consultation. The SAs were very helpful and carefully listened to all of our skin care concerns. My concerns were specifically related to oiliness in the t-zone and aging, because I have those fine lines under my eyes that my current eye cream can't seem to rectify. Plus, I am the poster child for bad sleeping positions -- I sleep face down on my pillow, hence the lines under my eyes. Sorry, I can't help it.

I always assumed that I had sensitive combination-oily skin, but I soon found out that I was wrong. Turns out I have dry-combination skin since my cheeks are on the dry side. I may have *cheated* a little bit, I still think that I have combi-oily skin though. Hahaha!

These are the products the SA suggested to treat my anti-aging concerns. Love the loot, wish I could purchase them all in their full-sized glory, especially the Dramatically Different Lotion :)

More enticing photos below:

yummy treats from Bizu
Ozy and Alex
Alex doing her own makeup with Clinique products, of course
Marbbie and Rachael
Ozy in heaven: Rachael, Regina, Marbbie, Ozy, Kriz
Me, Rachael, Liz and Marbbie
I can't wait to try out the skin care samples and come back for those Chubby Sticks. I was so undecided (hyper but undecided) on that day so I ended up not buying their lip balms. Must.come.back.soon.
And oh, I loved meeting some of Project Vanity's readers, they're all such pretty girls! I hope to see you guys again soon :)


  1. I hope there's a part two! I wanted to go but it was my friend's graduation thing that day. Would you know if they have the bottom lash mascara there now?

  2. Oops I didn't notice, sorry. Yes there's definitely gonna be a part 2, just keep lurking Liz's blog :D I hope to see you at the next one ;)

  3. Nice post and great pics! Very well documented! :D You still can't get over the chubby sticks? :p Go get it na!

  4. Hi Kira, This is Patricia - I got here thru Ms. Liz's site :) I was the one who says I like your parrot necklace! yay! I have a youtube vlog youtube.com/xlambgirlx if you want to take a peek! nice meeting you :)

  5. Give me a shout out for the next one!

  6. @Rachaelah: Thanks! I hope to bump into you again soon :) Start blogging na ulit ;D

    @Patricia: Aw thanks, everyone loved the parrot :) Imma check out your vlogs now. Nice meeting you too, hope you had fun :)