Monday, March 28, 2011

Clinique samples: my secret guilty pleasure

Yep, I am a sucker for free stuff alright!

Presenting my lineup of *free* stuff that I've acquired over my last few Clinique visits. It's awesome because I never get around to buying full-sizes of their products -- except for the Dermawhite Liquid Foundation SPF 38 which I lalala-LOVE but haven't reviewed yet because I'm lazy, ha!

7 Day Scrub Cream (rise-off formula)
Super City Block SPF 40 (tinted)
Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer
Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream
Superdefense SPF 25/PA +++

Have you tried any of these promising Clinique products? 
What are your favorites? I'd love to know :)


  1. Who doesn't love free stuff :DDDDDD

  2. Kira, the first roster of samples are the highest rated products of that brand! I'm so excited for you try em all (especially the turnaround concentrate, which I'm unfortunately running out of..booo)!

    Who picked your GWP's? Magaling yung SA na yun. Kung ikaw pumili, well, magaling ka! LOL

  3. Hi herroyalbleakness! Wow I'm excited na tuloy to try the turnaround concentrate :) The freebies were from my skin consultation at Rustans Makati (will be blogging about that next), the eye cream was from the previous foundation purchase :)

  4. Nice! I have the turnaround concentrate and it makes your skin super soft, it's AWESOME. I've heard it used as a primer before makeup and I bet it'll work great because it really smooths out the skin. My derma ninang has recommended for me to try the rest of Clinique's skincare since they're certified hypoallergenic, so time to save up :)

  5. @Kari: I honestly haven't tried anything from their skin care line, I am not so experimental with skin care kasi, esp now that I'm enjoying good skin as of late. Kaya baby steps muna :)

    Is there a purging period though? Cos some of my friends experienced breakouts.

  6. hi kira! we have almost the same freebies and currently loving it! :) excited to see your post regarding the clinique party! :) It was nice meeting you. Hope to see you again some time. :)

  7. Hi Rachael! Posted our photos na, lahat tayo magaganda because of Clinique, hee-hee. :) I hope to see you guys again soon :)

  8. Inggit, good skin period! Now that you have it you can try introducing one new product at a time, haha. :)

    I believe there is a purging period, I also broke out in the beginning and I've used it intermittently since (but not often enough to merit a review, so that's in the works pa).

  9. i super love the concentrate!