Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Tinkerbell Wonderland

Mark and I were invited to Dahpne's 1st birthday last weekend at The Oasis. If you must know, birthdays are huge deals for us. Even if we don't want to have a grand celebration, everyone's 1st, 7th and 18th have to be celebrated one way or another. With Daphne's dad as an event organizer (owner of by choice and profession, I believe William had his work cut out for him, haha.

The theme for the big day was Tinkerbell. Who doesn't remember this whimsical little creature who had the hots for Peter Pan? I remember being a kid and seriously wishing I could be Tink and fly...not to mention wanting to be like Ariel, too, so I could forever become a waterbaby. Oh, to be young once again.

Anyway,  I believe William did a spectacular job planning and organizing the event. We all had high expectations, obviously.

The Tinkerbell theme was literally everywhere and was quite overwhelming. I've never seen so many fairies in my entire life! Haha.

And there's more eye candy at ze other side of the Pavilion:

The food was fantabulous! I loved the salmon with cream sauce, in my opinion twas even better than Contis' version. I seriously went back for seconds and filled my plate, LOL.

And there were also activities for the kids such as face painting, makeup, arts & crafts, photobooth (I love!) and glitter tattoos.

prizes for the kids
loot bags
"Fun Factory" -- we did the printing :)
Talentadong Pinoy's Wanlu (with Niccolo) gave a memorable and entertaining performace that the kids enjoyed. He's a really witty magician-slash-ventriloquist. I wanna know how he made that scribble on his whiteboard move! Help, anyone?

Juan Lu with the people's champ, Manny Pacquiao
Here's the birthday girl with her Dad, William:

Happy Birthday, Daphne! Isn't she adorbs?
And the doting Mom, Irene
And I just had to sneak this in: who remembers Sir David Bayot from DLSU? Any CLA students out there? :)
So there, it was really a fun-filled albeit tiring event. I can't wait for Dahpne's 7th birthday -- which should be equally as grand, right William? :D

hooray for puto-booth! Yeah I know, we look fat here, bleh.

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  1. Nice! My cousin's first birthday was Tinkerbell-themed too, and all the girl Titas & cousins were given Tinkerbell headbands to wear. :)) It's really nice that there are more reliable party planners on the scene now, reaching out via Internet so that it's easier to coordinate :)

  2. Kari, this just raises the bar for everyone else! Now my sister and I feel pressured to have our own grand/themed party when we have kids :P