Friday, February 11, 2011

Sunplay Sunblocks

If ever you find yourself in the beauty section of SM Dept. Store, keep your eyes peeled for these babies:

These mini sunblocks from Sunplay are just adorable. They come in 4 variants:

  • Super Block Sunblock Lotion SPF 130 PA+++ (waterproof)
  • Watery Cool Sunblock Lotion with Menthol SPF 65 PA+++ (waterproof)
  • Powdery White Sunblock Lotion SPF 47 PA+++ (with Vit. C & E)
  • Clear Water Sunblock Lotion SPF 50 PA+++ (with Aloe extract)
Sunplay is made by the same creators of Lip Ice and the brand is pretty well-known for their sunscreens. They come in 35ml teensy bottles and cost approx. Php 350 each. It has a watery consistency so I assume it is non-greasy and convenient to use in our warm/humid weather. I personally think they're overpriced because it looks like this would only last me a month tops if I use it for my face and body on a daily basis.

Still, I think it's pretty handy to stash in my bag for emergency reapplication purposes -- like if I wash my hands midday and I need to reapply sunscreen. The high SPF is really beckoning, and I wonder if it is really relevant to use something as high as SPF 130 versus, let's say, SPF 45 --- I gotta do research on that soon!

As of writing, I'm really itching to try the mentholated variant with ze cutesy penguins on the bottle. Remember, I am a fan of anything mentholated (check out my Bare It All Cream post) and I am definitely curious how it will fare in the coolness department.

Have you tried Sunplay sunblocks? 
Which do you think is the most interesting?


  1. 350?? Kind of prohibitive for something so small. =/ Cute though!

    In Googling for sun protection info on a blog post I did awhile back, I read somewhere that while SPFs beyond 30 or so do offer you more sun protection, it's only by 1-2% more but it uses so much more chemical fillers to do so. I generally stick to SPF30-50 or so; I think anything beyond 60-70 is a bit too much already.

  2. Hi Kari, yup I did read your post on sunscreens, twas very helpful. I'm very intrigued on the mentholated variant, I might consider purchasing it maybe next month :)

  3. Nakakatuwa nga yung mentholated variant. A sunscreen that makes you feel fresh and cool as opposed to sticky and sweaty? Hmm.. :)

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