Friday, February 25, 2011

Strands Out: The LayBare Fashion Show

This is going to be a quick post about the mini fashion show I attended last Wednesday. I am such a huge fan of waxing and Lay Bare in particular, and I was excited when I received the invite.

Their 5th year anniversary was celebrated at the Hard Rock Cafe and is dubbed "the smoothest fashion show to walk the runway." With LayBare doing the waxing, I'm pretty sure the models will all be in their hairless, naked glory.

Ornussa Cadness and Isabel Roces
The models' smooth bodies were used to showcase various Japanese and African artworks, as well as Marie Antionette-inspired looks (check out Ornussa Cadness above as "Marie Antoinette"), and ethnic artworks such as Pintados. The show was hosted by the pretty Isabel Roces, and there's also a special appearance by Aljur Abrenica. The girls were just screaming the moment he graced the catwalk. His eyes are sooo dreamy.

Yes we love you too, Aljur :)
LayBare owners Monique & Fiona Hilario
The theme was to wear a "skin-baring outfit" and it was a good opportunity to wear my skintone lace mini dress. I wore a jacket over it because the boyfriend might throw a fit --- the backside is just pure lace with no lining. It was absolutely great to bump into Char of Skin Hour, you know I've been gushing about her skin care products since last year.

I am such a teeny tiny person in real life :P
With Char :)
Char, Angelle, Lynda and Me
The show lasted only a mere hour and a half (sad), so Char and I decided to hang out at TGIF while I had my long overdue dinner.

What about you guys, do you like to wax? :)


  1. Thanks for the blog, Kira! I know it was so quick....sorry we left you hungry as well grrrrr I don't know why there wasn't enough food. Nice to see you again! :)


  2. Hi Fiona! Nice to see you again and thank you for visiting my blog, I feel so honored :) I also wrote a short article about the event for (to be published soon). Congratulations again and hope to see you soon :)