Monday, February 21, 2011

My go-to soap: Bare Naturals No Breakout to Makeup

I received a small sample bar of this supposedly famous soap last December, at Bare Naturals' WTC bazaar. Ms. Lami said it was one their bestsellers, I was quite skeptical at first because I wasn't really in need of any soaps at that time. I thoughtfully set this soap aside when I got home and got carried away with the busy holiday season.

Last month, I encountered this sample bar again while cleaning out my closet. It smelled good and so I decided to finally use it.

Anti-pimple, Acne mark remover, Emu Oil Skin Perfecting Soap, recommended for Oily Skin

An anti- skin break-out soap, it has tea tree oil and real tea tree leaves with anti-bacterial action; best for pimples and other skin diseases. Fortified with the finest grade of emu oil to nourish and make the skin glow with health! With omega 3, 6, 8 and anti-bacteria properties. Mildly infused with calamansi and papain for gentle skin lightening, With sweet envigorating scent of pink grapefruit.

It is a glycerine-based soap which explains its clear nature. BN soaps feature huge nodes for extra massaging action should you decide to use it for the body.

Why do I like it?

  • First of all, I like the scent big  time. I had no idea pink grapefruit could  be so refreshing and I do find myself smelling this soap from the soap dish midday just so I could get a whiff. Haha, sorry addicted much. 
  • Cleans my face well without that dry and taut feel afterwards. Due to its glycerine content, it's nice and moisturizing to use on the face. 
  • It has decreased the oiliness of my skin, but that doesn't mean I don't get oily. I don't think there's any wash-off product out there that can stop our pores from secreting oil. 
  • The tea tree oil content has kept my skin clear, take note that I haven't had a facial since November mainly since I've been enjoying good skin lately. But let me explain also that I'm not one to have huge cystic pimples or acne. At the most I'd get a pimple bump or two when I'm PMS-ing or using a product that I'm not hiyang to.
  • Has lightened my old blemishes and brightened my overall skin tone. 
  • Does not contain pthlates, SLS, SLES or parabens

 What I don't like:

  • Php 159 is expensive for a small 135g soap that's approx. 2.8" x 2.5" x 1"
  • Glycerine soaps typically aren't sudsy like the commercial ones
  • Available online or through resellers only

Would I repurchase?

Definitely! I already have two full-sized bars waiting in the wing. I like stocking up on products that I fancy, like my Skin Hour staples -- the day cream and the night cream. Bare Naturals has tons of other soaps available for different skin concerns, my Mom loves their Emu Malung-GLOW soap which we got as another sample. Hee-hee :)


  1. Interesting! I don't like using soap bars though. I wish they had a liquid formula for this.

  2. Good idea! I will suggest that to Ms. Lami. It's not drying though, so I think you'll like it either way :)

  3. Hi Kira, I think this soap is somehow like V&M's lulur in terms of the effect on the skin. I've been alternating this with Lulur lately--OCness Attack! :D I'll probably do a quick review once I've settled my blog revamp.

  4. Glad it's not drying! It's one of the reasons I stopped using soaps for both face and body, though I recently went back (hello Olay body bar). I do have a Neutrogena facial bar, but I swore to myself I'd finish a bottle of facial wash before I even opened it :)

  5. Oooh interesting! My pimples are not going away so I think I will try this one. :)

  6. @Kari: I think I've been a soap user as long as I can remember, mostly derma soaps tho :)

    @Jean: I hope it works for you! The grapefruit scent will blow you away, it's really refreshing :)

  7. wow, interesting product..and very attractive name..hehe..I'm so wanting to try this..hope I get to try this someday..thanks for sharing..=)