Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My first Speed Dating event

A few days before Valentine's Day, Cheq and I decided to join this speed dating event. I asked my boyfriend to drop us off at Focaccia along The Fort Strip -- yes, I got permission from the boyfriend to join, or at least cover the event for my blog, heh. I bet he knew that I was just in it for ze food :p


Supposedly dinner was from 8:00 - 8:30 PM but seeing as a lot of people were late (or just chicken scared), the dinner lasted til 9:00 PM. Cheq and I didn't mind because we were happily munching on some appetizers and trying to spot some interesting people.

There were four platters in front of us, and I think we ate about 80% of them. We had the table all to ourselves, basically. I am quite surprised that some girls still keep to themselves and have no intention of mingling with other girls. Abbie (who was in our table) was so quiet during dinner and only spoke when we asked her questions. Why oh why, are people still shy? Or maybe people hated us cos we finished all the food? No matter.

By the time all the participants arrived, Cheq and I were full to the brim and were looking forward to doing some real work --- talking to each and every one of dem single guys. Get this, there were about 22 females and only 15 males. Dundundundun....

All participants were required to talk to everyone for 5 minutes, and everyone was encouraged to be polite (no skipping!) or will be asked to leave. 15 guys + 5 minutes each =  you do the math. This was tiring work, no kidding. This was our checklist:

See, we had to rate which one was the friendliest and who we'd most likely date IRL. I have to say that most of the guys were nice, funny and friendly. But there was one really weird guy who seemed like he was "too cool" for the whole speed dating thing. I mean, why join if you're just going to dampen everyone's enthusiasm?

So let the speed dating begin!

Overall, I think this was a good experience for us first-timers. My only qualm was hopefully next time couples will be in separate bunks or couches cos it was hard to engage in a conversation when you are seated beside other couples. It was hard to hear with the loud music, too.

And then after an hour or so, it was over. Yay! The organizers randomly picked these winners and gave them awesome prizes:

I think she won as "friendliest participant"
Winner of the overnight hotel stay for 2! I am envious!
And my photos with the very pretty organizers:

Steph Yu, Sharlene Go, Robina Ko and James

I really love Robina's hair but I don't think I can pull off a blond 'do just yet. I will however have my hair done at Azta Urban Salon next month! :)

As opposed to what we initially thought, our compatibility matches will be sent via email for confidentiality and to avoid any pressure from both sides. Wouldn't it be totally awkward if this was done face to face? But for the super desperate (haha) or the super atat, I bet they just couldn't wait :p

Anyhoo, so the question is: will I go speed dating again? Definitely!


  1. haha kulit mo kira :P

    i don't think i'll be brave enough to try speed dating

  2. i wished i joined hahaha for the fun of it :)) next year!! :P