Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My first Clinique purchase

With summer just around the corner (yes I want it to be summer already, haha), I figured I needed an alternative to my Nu Skin TM preferably with a higher SPF. Clinique Derma White Bright-C Liquid Makeup with SPF 38 PA+++ seemed interesting, and so I purchased a fresh bottle last week after several trips to the new Clinique counter in Noma and several swatches. With the Php 1,950 price tag, I HAD to make sure the shade truly matched my skin tone.

This is my first *major* Clinique purchase as I've only been buying their lipsticks and lip treatments in the past. Obviously, this is a huge deal for me because it is so expenseeve (yes, I really meant to spell it that way). Anyhoo, please expect a detailed review soon. 

Unrelated question: do you also have this sparkly *lucky* money tree at home?


  1. Wow! Will wait for your review. I haven't really browsed at the Clinique counter in Trinoma but I did get their turnaround concentrate in Duty Free before. Their products are wonderful and worth the price tag if they really work.

    And sadly no, I don't have that money tree at home. :( I'd want one simply because it's so pretty, though!

  2. I got the tree as a gift! It is pretty, and I think it's handmade somewhere in the province.

  3. I remember reading or seeing somewhere that the whitening stuff doesn't really work. Mind you my memory isn't the best (I probably need gingko biloba or something!). But that's my caveat emptor for the week.

    I do love their 3-step skin care line. I used to have combination skin so I opted to use the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (I probably ought to use the lotion now). I love the way it moisturises my skin though! It feels silky smooth to the touch. I'm happy with the way Clinique works so let me know if the whitening skin care line works for you.


  4. Yaelie! I can't wait for my package to arrive, hee-hee. I bought this for the high SPF (it's their highest so far) and not really for the whitening/brightening properties :P

    I also got my Mom the All About Eyes Rich eye cream and the Repairwear Eye Cream which both cost an arm and a leg *sigh* But my Mom loves them!

    I've heard of the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel and I may try that out next. I am such a bargainista at heart that I don't want to spend more than P1,000 on skin care :D

  5. hope the product wouldn't disappoint :D will wait for the review... and that's a money tree? LOL looks like a christmas tree to me :P

  6. Wait, I just noticed. Is that a ceramic owl in the background? CUUUTE! :D

  7. @Kari: It is! My Mom has around 6 of those (different designs). She started collecting and then lost interest haha :)