Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Bobbi Brown Makeover - part deux

Bobbi Brown has always been on my makeup wishlist. I am especially a huge fan of their glosses and treatment lip shines, I even got myself "Pink Glisten" during my first Bobbi Brown makeover last year.

Today, I was to be made up by their chief MUA, (ze gorgeous Bea) for an upcoming Project Vanity project. Watch out for it, it's gonna be exciting! Anyhoo, I also got to meet the lovely BB Marketing Executive, Ina Casas, who is in a nutshell the nicest and most enthusiastic person I've met, hee-hee.

On to the photos:

I want a shrine like this. Srsly.
What I like most about Bobbi Brown makeup is the fact that it feels light on the skin. For example, the Skin Foundation that was used on my face could rival my Nu Skin Tinted Moisturizer in feel and consistency. It was very liquid and light, yet it evened out my skin tone and covered a little bit of redness around my oily and sensitive t-zone.

Here's the finished day look. Notice how natural it looks. I love the Bobbi Brown technique in applying blush (using two tones for the contour and flush), and I'm planning to get their blush in "Pale Pink" soon.

I later discovered that my natural lipcolor match is "Sandwash Pink", it is hands-down my MLBB shade.

Their "Perfectly Defined Mascara" has tiny bristles and lengthened my lashes considerably. It is also -- hold your breath -- smudge-proof, sweatproof and waterproof, and washes away with just warm water. Hallelujah!

This my favorite photo, it's a bit fuzzy but I love how they filled in my brows. Bea said my brows are perfect, and that I just needed to fill in the gaps (~I'm lazy! :p)

And the one on the right (below) is another look with a little bit of smokey eye. Smokey eyes, I was told, need not be dark and raccoon-like all the time as we can also use brown shades for a softer look. They also lightened the lipcolor a bit, though it's not so evident in the photos. 

Notice the slight difference? My eyes look bigger and more defined, but everything still looks very wearable and natural. I think I can totally recreate this look at home, especially since the MUA used as little products as possible. But personally, I like the natural look more than the smokey eye look :)

Here are my picks for the Treatment Lip Shines in case you want to get a few: Pink Glisten, Papaya and Raspberry Pink. I got the bright "Papaya" shade today and I am so excited to use it! These babies have SPF 15 and are uber moisturizing (you can skip balm), perfect for summer or for those who prefer glossy lip colors.

Liz & Ina
MUA Bea, Ina Casas, Me, Liz
Thanks to these wonderful girls from Bobbi Brown, I really enjoyed this experience. And thanks of course to Liz for inviting me :D


  1. You look so lovely, Kira! And I agree: the natural look suits you best :)