Monday, February 7, 2011

Love Minerals Lipstick in Pink Skies

This post is for Roma (hi!), who's been requesting for swatches of Human Nature's new Love Minerals lipstick in Pink Skies.

No lead. No carmine. No parabens. No artificial dyes. Only the good! 100% natural and completely free from harmful chemicals, our breakthrough lipstick fuses the moisture power from passion fruit seed oil, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, beeswax and rice bran oil to deliver silky, smoothening color to your lips. So you get healthy lips so beautiful, they can only be natural!
These lipsticks are a steal at only Php 195 and comes in 4 colors: A. Earth Angel (browns), B. Coral Kiss (peaches/corals), C. Pink Skies (pinks/mauve), D. Sweet Nectar (neutral). Having a preference for all things pink, I predictably chose "Pink Skies" hoping it was as pink as shown in the photo above.

Swatches of "Pink Skies":

no flash
with flash
The Love Minerals "Pink Skies" lipstick is not really as pink as shown on the HN website as it is more of a pink-based beige with tiny silver shimmer. The shimmer is not so noticeable and is just there to add dimension, so this is not a shimmer lipstick per se. The lipstick itself imparts a creamy matte finish, I do like it because it does not dry out my lips and it glides on smoothly.

If you are a fan of pink-based beige lippies, I don't think you'll have a problem with this particular shade. But I personally prefer using lip products that have more pink (or at least more color) in them.The lipsticks, btw, also have a subtle fruity scent.

I do appreciate the fact that Human Nature is now trying to enter the world of cosmetics by producing affordable, all-natural, environment and skin-friendly makeup. My only concern, really, are the lack of shades available, but since the line is pretty new I'm sure the folks over at HN (Hi Anna!) will be able to improve their formulas (and take better, color-true photos as well) in the months to come.

Have you tried the new Human Nature Love Minerals lipsticks?


  1. Thanks Kira! That was really helpful. I was hoping for a true light pink shade, but I noticed (based on your pictures) that it actually has an earthy beige tone to it that simply complements its subtle pink shade. It does look so natural though, so I think I'll consider getting one. Thanks much! :)

  2. @Roma: You're welcome! Hope it works well for you :)

  3. heya kira! remember me? :D
    i chanced upon ur blog :)

    HN lipsticks - oooh interesting. hope they come up with more colors soon!

  4. Hi Mia! It's been a looong time. How are you? :)

  5. Hi Ms. Kira! I have tried Human Nature Lipsticks. In fact, I bought all shades (posted swatches on my blog) just to see their real shades because Love Minerals' shades look different on the pics. For example, the blush. It looks sooo pink on the catalogue but when I bought it, it's not as pink as I expected it to be. Same as your concern, I hope there are more shades to choose from. When I suggested this, I received an email from them to inform me that they are still trying to find an alternative organic ingredient to come-up with bright pink and red shades. This may sound yucky but some bright shades of lipstick are made from crushed insects.

    Going back to the Human Natures' lipsticks. What I love about it is, it is like a tinted lip balm for me hehe because shades are too light. That makes it perfect for day make-up. My favorite is Sweet Nectar and Coral Kiss shades.

    Sorry that was a long comment..hehe :)

  6. @Rizza: Hi! :) Im glad these lippies work for you :)