Sunday, February 27, 2011

Learn how to take better photos

I am a  proud owner of an old Lumix camera.

It's the only camera I've used on my trips abroad (sans the parents), the only camera I bring to my beach trips, and the camera I've been solely using for the past 3 years. This camera has been dropped several times from varying heights, bumped into walls and other hard objects out of sheer carelessness, and has had numerous brushes with saltwater. If you look up close, you can see that the saltwater has corroded some of the silver finish already.

Yes, it's old, outdated and in haphazard shape --- but I love it! I am tempted (in more ways than one) to get my hands on one of the newer Canon cameras, but I have always been a Lumix user since forever.

If you're like me and you have a dinky point and shoot camera and you don't want to let go of it yet, or don't have the means --- or the heart --- to upgrade to a DSLR, then the only smart thing to do is to actually learn to maximize its features.

Ice holding "Wanton", my newest hermit crab

I am no expert, I just read the manual (I like reading manuals a lot!) several times, researched online, experimented and just learned how to work it. Many times I'd still fail (with a digital camera, it's not hard to), but I relish in the fact that I can take really nice macro shots now.

There is, however, a shortcut and a more effective means of learning than this. And that is to enroll in a basic photography class. Taking several classes under a renowned expert means you get first-hand info, insider secrets and techniques that normally wouldn't be so readily available.

In line with this, I am taking a few classes myself at Modern Academy. I was recently advised that they currently have a bundles promo, which means I can take 2 courses for only Php 7,500. I am a bargainista after all, and this offer fits the bill perfectly.

These are all short courses (about 4-12 hours each), great for us who don't really have the time and the energy to go through several weeks of school. Each class is intimate and intensive with only 10 students max.

So which ones are you interested in? If you must know, all photography courses will be taught by Regie Fernando of Pinoy Photography :)

Modern Academy is currently accepting enrollees for:

Basic Photography Php 4,550 - March 8, 10, 15
Online Blogging  Php 3,800 - March 8

New discount bundles: take 2 Photography courses for only Php 7,500 

Book now by contacting them at 846-8920/ 569-5235, 0922-8MODERN (663376) and for more information.

This is a sponsored post.


  1. smart move to learn it by reading the manual.. normally i'd be lazy to even open manuals :)) love the macro shots of both photos! goodluck with the photography classes :)

  2. Thanks Hazel! Please help us spread the word about Modern Academy, your friends might be interested to sign up :)

  3. I agree with maximizing the features. It's not always about the camera but the user itself. :)

    Thanks for the heads-up on Modern Academy :)

  4. im using a point and shoot sony :) and i was able to take great shots from it that some of my friends thought im using slr or dslr .. i just explore each different features that it has and even some manual trick especially taking pics of sunsets :)