Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Book Depository

I just discovered The Book Depository (via Mara) which is the UK's largest dedicated online bookseller. They offer the largest range of titles in the world and are available for shipout within 48 hours. Since Mara said she purchased several books from them, I got curious one night and went window shopping.

And then it hit me, why don't I buy some hermit crab books? It was a no-brainer and I could easily refer to them if I'm lazy to go online and do research. And I also wanted to look at pretty crab photos. There's nothing like actually holding some real reading material while curled up in bed. I'm sure for most people, hermit crabs isn't their topic of choice when deciding what to read while in bed. But I'm not most people. Plus, I like reading about my pets, so there --- and oh, in case you've been living under a rock, I currently have 11 hermies. You can read all about them at

So on January 21, I ordered a few books online and then I anxiously counted the days, even though I knew beforehand that it would take a several weeks to arrive. Fast forward to 3 weeks later, the books finally did -- hooray! But you could imagine how excited we were by the second week, eagerly waiting every afternoon for the books to make their appearance. I tell you, the waiting is the hardest part.

This is my Shih Tzu, Komiki, checking out the merchandise. She was excited to sniff them too. I first got Hermit Crab books which were on sale for around $8.00 each. The books came in bubble-wrapped and in sturdy packaging, there is no danger of dents here for your beloved hardbound books.

And one other book that was supposedly a Valentine's Day gift but came in late.

Should you ever worry that your book/s might have gotten lost in transit (like that I initially thought), you can shoot them an email and their efficient CSRs will reply within 24 hours. CSR Jamie Dalton even offered to send a replacement because "How to Drive a Tank.." came in later than the others, when in fact they were all purchased the same day using the same credit card.

So anyhoo, I am looking forward to purchasing more books online! You know what the best part is? The fact that The Book Depository offers FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the world! Aha-mazing!

Do you like purchasing books online? Where do you usually shop?


  1. Hope you enjoyed your books, Kira!

  2. I also ordered some books from BookDepository for the first time on October 2010.
    At early November, and while my books never arrived, they said that a full refund of 137.5 euros will appear in my account shortly.
    Shortly became FOREVER, so at January 10 of 2011 after I managed to find aphone number of them at last(!!!),some representative called Lu reassured me that they would send a cheque shortly (AGAIN!).
    Then on February 17 after I wrote them that if I don't get my cheque until the 25th, everyone on the web would hear my story, they replied that they would immediately contact their accounting department in order to send the cheque ....guess again....SHORTLY!
    I really hope they will clear my issue eventually and save me from 137.5 euros of expenditure, which -believe me- in Greece especially is a large amount of money!

  3. What I find amazing is...this arrived directly on your doorstep? Kasi when I used to purchase books online I had to pick them up at the post office and pay a hefty fee. Though I love the books I got, that discouraged me from getting them online, although next time I'd probably just use Johnny Air for shipping.


  4. Alex, yes they do deliver straight to your doorstep! Very convenient! :)

  5. @Anonymous- it's so frustrating when that thin happens an so sorry you have to exprience it for I did in the past.

    I'm a loyal customer of for the past few years or more. Their customer service team are just brilliant!I guess the one that attracted me most is the FREE shipping fee that you can't really get from most of the online bookshop out there. :)