Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine in Papaya

I got my second Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine a few weeks back when I had my makeover at Makati. The first one I got was "Pink Glisten" which was a very pretty pink shade. I've always wanted to get my hands on its coral-pink sister, "Papaya", but the shade wasn't available for purchase last year.

So hooray that finally it has arrived to the Philippines. I like it because it instantly brightens up the face with its vibrant color. I can be as pale as can be, so this really helps especially since I rarely wear full-on makeup. Unlike "Pink Glisten", "Papaya" packs more color and offers a creamy satin finish sans the shimmer.

Each Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine is Php 1,100 each but it's so worth it because it is highly moisturizing and has SPF 15. Hands-down this is my favorite lippie to date :)


  1. I got my mom a Bobbi Brown lipstick for her birthday. I don't remember what kind but it wasn't this one. Anyway, I tested it on myself and instantly fell in love with the texture and color. It's so freaking expensive at P1,400 though! :(

  2. Hi Lauren! I am just discovering that BB has really nice lipsticks! They have the best MLBB shades too. Expensive yes, but worth it cos I really get to use it a lot. Hello to Tita! :)