Monday, February 7, 2011

Army Navy Burger

We are a gluttonous couple, haha. We like eating (me most especially), and yesterday we decided to try Army Navy Burger along Tomas Morato. This weekend was particularly exhausting for me so please forgive the really *sleepy* and haggard photos, hee-hee.

sleepy much?
No forks needed -- eat with your fingers
Oscar the Grouch would looove this!
Quesadillas with salsa and spicy cream dip
the houseblend iced tea is okay, I think it needs more flavor
The famous Freedom Fries were sold out! We had to settle for these small onion rings 0_o
the burger was so juicy!
We love Army Navy Burger! :)


  1. I love Army Navy! Luckily, there's one in the building where I work! Their fries are also quite addicting.♥

  2. Army Navyyy. My college barkada is composed of mostly guys so when we went to the Glorietta branch to eat the girls & I were struggling to finish our food and they were just laughing and chomping. Boys. :))

  3. @Abbie: wow so lucky! I love how cheap their food is compared to Johnny Rockets. Sayang lang their Freedom fries are still sold out.

    @Kari: Haha, I mostly have guy friends too, they're much more fun to hang out with than girls :P

  4. Ate kira! You made me hungry ;p Nice pics!

  5. Campers! Let's eat here when we meet :D