Saturday, January 29, 2011

One fine Saturday at Mercato Centrale

Thanks to Liz, I am now officially a fan of the Gold Leaf iced teas she's been raving about. So today, Mark and I decided to wake up early (riiight...) to grab some more iced tea concentrate and check out our fave eats at Mercato Centrale, the newest foodie market at The Fort.

It wasn't so crowded today (we arrived around 11 AM), but on Sundays it's really crazy, crowded and hot! There's an extensive selection of food, desserts, even organic skin care products. It's no Salcedo Market but the choices here are pretty good.

These are the Gold Leaf iced tea concentrates! They added vanilla and orange extracts to the black tea base thus giving it a unique and distinct flavor. I do find myself reaching out for a glass each and everyday, I obviously love this stuff. It's definitely something worth trying.

The 500ml concentrates are Php 120/bottle and each is good for 14 servings, the 2L bottle is Php 360 and is good for a whopping 58 servings! They come in a black tea base and a green tea base, I recommend the former. Guess what I got today? Why the 2L one of course, hee-hee.

Cuteness overload - Minions, Angry Birds and PVZ!  
*Kira goes crazy*
fresh produce
Pies and Quiches galore
Of course, I had to get some chocolates again from Theo & Philo :)

Say hello to Philo
lovely packaging
This time, I got Green Mango + Salt, Plain Milk Chocolate, Pinipig + Pili and of course, Barako. Mark does not understand why I like Philo's chocolates so much. I told him to give me a month or two and I'll prolly get sick of it, haha (I keed, I keed).

And of course, I wouldn't leave without my Mochiko fix!

Caramel Mochiko balls
These are sumptuous mochi balls filled with delicious ice cream and bits of fruit (for those that are fruit-flavored). My runaway favorite is the Caramel variant, the caramel ice cream is not sickly sweet and reminiscent of melted Kraft caramel squares. Yummy! These are only Php 70 each.


Have you guys been to Mercato Centrale? What are your favorite eats? :)


  1. My sister and I are planning to drop by here sometime--she works as a nurse in St. Lukes there. I'll look out for these! :D

  2. not yet! so envy right now! been reading alot of good stuff about this new foodie haven! hahaha =P i guess i just have to satisfy my cravings with these photos =)

    <3 hazel

  3. @Kari: Well then you don't have any reason not to go! Hope you can drop by this weekend, I highly recommend the Mochiko :)

    @Hazel: Thanks for dropping by my blog! Hope you can visit Mercato soon :)

  4. I never wake up early enough to go there. Ang lapit ko na ha. LOL.

  5. @Mara: That's why I got the 2L iced tea na, cos I don't want to wake up early on weekends anymore haha. At least not for the next month or so. Mara, from 7am-2pm naman yun :)

  6. The cupcakes are adorbs! :D Looks like fun! Can't wait to drop by that place soon. BTW, I left you an award in my blog. :)

  7. i frequent mochiko, tina's pie outlet and claude tayag's pan de bagnet :)the pies made by tina are better than simply pie :)