Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Theo & Philo Artisan Chocolates

I rarely consume chocolates these days. I've had loads of the stuff growing up and these delectable sweets have kept me company during my previous night shifts at work. But in recent years, I haven't eaten a good bar of chocolate, I thought I was over my cravings until I tasted Theo & Philo.

Theo & Philo is a brand of homegrown chocolates made with cacao beans from Davao and sugar from Bacolod. They offer 7 delectable variants: 70% Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Labuyo, Barako, Green Mango & Salt, Pili & Pinipig and Pandesal.

I encountered these artisan chocolates at the Global Pinoy bazaar I participated in last November. To be honest, I only tasted it because they gave out free samples, hee-hee. I told myself that I would only buy stuff on the second day when I've sold my wares and earned my keep already. Well, turns out that was too late. On the second day their bestsellers -- Labuyo & Barako -- were sold out! Gasp. I was deeply saddened.

I wasn't able to get around to ordering because of the crazy holiday season that followed, but I really couldn't stop thinking about their chocolates. And it was only last Sunday (after much prodding) that I was able to grab 4 bars at a store near us, and at Jojiberry no less!

Jojiberry is a health food store located along Mother Ignacia St.

I got two bars each of my favorites: Labuyo and Barako. Man, I couldn't wait to eat these in the car! Actually, I was chomping on a bar the minute I got it and I finished it in 20 minutes (I was seriously trying to make the small 4.5" x 2.5" bar last longer -- and 20 minutes was the best I can do).

I love, love the wrapper! It's so festive!
Each bar is sealed tight and has an accompanying batch number and expiration date.

The Labuyo variant obviously has a kick of chili in it, it's great for those who are a bit adventurous with their palates, while the Barako is the perfect pick-me-upper with real ground coffee beans.

*sigh* I am in heaven.

pardon the mess, I just love this to  bits!
Each bar is priced at Php 90 each, a bit expensive than your regular run-of-the-mill chocolate but I assure you it's worth the hefty price tag.

For more info on Theo & Philo, visit their site at They deliver for FREE if you order 10 pcs or more (and you should!). You can also catch them at Mercato Centrale on January 29 and February 5.

If you live in Quezon City, drop by JojiBerry at Crossroads77 Plaza, Mother Ignacia St. for your Theo & Philo fix. I totally recommend the Labuyo, Barako and the Green Mango + Salt variants! Really good stuff!  :)


  1. I've heard of these! I think the owners are from my school hence the name Theo & Philo :)) What kind of kick does the Labuyo chocolate have?

  2. When you first bite into it you only taste the rich, dark chocolate flavor. And then when you swallow that's when the spicy labuyo kicks in. It's pretty spicy, the Mom and my BF don't like it :P

  3. i tried the sea salt chocolate thingy, masarap. parang yung fave ko sa park avenue, pero mas dry. given the choice id still go for park avenue!

  4. @Liz: Haven't tried that! Mercato was so crowded last Sunday and I wasn't able to go around much. Hopefully I can grab some this weekend :)

  5. I loooove chocolate! I have to find out where this is in Mo. Ignacia..I'm always in ABS, but that's about the only thing I know there haha. Thanks for sharing! <3 This entry made my mouth water!


  6. Alex, Jojiberry's on the 4/F of Crossroads 77 :)

  7. is Theo Philo Artisan Chocolates an affiliate of the Theo Chocolate Factory ( the US? their chocolates look the same, the way they display their products is the same, even their flavors. Theo US has a Bread Chocolate and Theo Philo has a Pan de Sal chocolate. thanks!

  8. You can also order at

    They carry Theo&Philo in boxes of 5 :)

  9. The small bars are now P95. :-(