Thursday, January 20, 2011

Revisiting Emu Oil

Passion Berries Emu Oil Php 180; Bare Naturals Emu Oil Php 428
Two years ago when emu oil was just starting to become popular, I got myself two bottles from Passion Berries. Eager to try this touted "cure all" for all skin problems (eczema, pimples, reduces pain and swelling from insect bites, heals scars, etc.), you name it, emu oil can supposedly cure it.

I barely even finished the bottle when I decided to move on with other stuff. So needless to say, I couldn't post a proper review because I didn't use the stuff long enough. Yes, like all beauty bloggers (or maybe just me), I always get sucked into trying out all sorts of skin care products. Blame it on my ADD, ha. Kidding.

Anyhoo, I wised up after a few years, but am still intrigued about what emu oil can do for me. And as such, I purchased another bottle from Bare Naturals just recently. My purchase was indeed based on online research (forums and blog reviews), so I wouldn't say that it was purchased solely on impulse.

So, I'll make this review short and straight to the point. Here's what they claim:


As the name suggests, emu oil is OILY. If you have combination/oily skin like me, then you should be concerned that applying it to your face will only make it oilier. BUT, the degree of oiliness is dependent on the brand and how refined the emu oil is.

Passion Berries is thicker, while Bare Naturals is thinner, easier to spread and not as oily.

The trick here is to apply it SPARINGLY because more than a pea-sized amount results to (surprise) an oily complexion. So don't go crazy with the application, girls.


The Passion Berries emu oil does smell strongly of chicken oil and the smell does not go away even minutes after application. Bare Naturals' version is unscented.


I apply the Bare Naturals emu oil to my face at night as part of my skin care regimen. The first 2 days I used it I got 3 huge swollen pimples. Needless to say, I almost freaked out. But as with all new skin care products, patience is a virtue. After the 5th day, all my pimples have subsided. Could the emu oil have caused this "breakout"? Well, maybe. I don't know if there is a purging period but you may want to consider this fact if you have sensitive skin. Btw, emu oil contains Oleic acid which is said to be comedogenic.


Can't vouch for this yet.


Surprisingly, with prolonged use emu oil does smoothen rough spots and gives me well-moisturized skin. The tiny, minuscule bumps on my forehead have flattened, and my pores seem smaller. My Mom who has mature, dry skin loves this because of its "moisturizing quality" (her words).


Anyhoo, my point is: the results of using emu oil varies from one person to another, and so if you find something that works for you, then great! Personally, I think the emu oil works best for people with dry-normal skin. So if you tried and didn't like it, it's not your loss as there are many other more effective blemish/skin care products that are natural and organic at the same time.

If, on the other hand, you are very patient and don't mind the slight oiliness emu oil brings and you are "hiyang" to the product, then emu oil is a worthwhile product worth trying. Make sure to purchase from a reputable buyer who sells only organic or 100% refined emu oil to achieve the best results.

PS: If you do have some emu oil lying around the house, make good use of them as they are great for moisturizing cuticles, rough hands and the soles of your feet!

Have you tried emu oil? Did it work well for you? :)


  1. I never used one yet... maybe time to buy and try now :)

  2. It's a pretty good product if you're hiyang to it. Let me know how it works for you :)

  3. I love emu oil, too. Although initially, the thought of using 'bird oil' on my face wasn't a very appealing idea, haha. I shared my 'emu oil' experience on the link to my name. :)

  4. @Ecobeauty: Thank you for sharing your wonderful review! I'm just starting to experience the benefits of emu oil, esp since we are experiencing cooler weather in the Phils. now. I hope to continue using it all throughout summer.

    Added your blog to my reading list too :)

  5. Wow, thanks! I'll add you to mine too (as soon as I get the page up) 'cause I actually learned about all these phil-based natural products from your blog. :)

    Glad emu is working for you, too. I might try BN emu next to see if it's as good as or even better than V&M since I'm using up my 30ml bottle so fast, you'd think I use it up even for cooking :p

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