Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Review: V&M Keep Safe Tinted Sunblock SPF 35

A sunscreen shouldn't contain any unhealthy synthetic and chemical fillers. It's always best to choose one that's made of titanium dioxide like Keep Safe Tinted Facial Sunblock. Enriched with nature's essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, Seaweed extracts, which is rich in Collagen and Elastin, and Tea Tree your skin will only surely glow with youthful health!

Ingredients: Emu Oil, Olive Oil, Tea Tree, Seaweed extracts, Vitamin A, Titanium Dioxide and Mica

PRICE: Php 335/50g

My sister and I have been using this since we met up with Jamie & Justin at the WTC last December. It was one of the products I've been lemming since I saw its debut on their website. I have combination skin (oily on the T-zone) while she has normal skin.

I honestly liked the fact that despite the olive oil ingredient, this sunblock is creamy yet non-greasy. It even somewhat cools the face upon application. Please note that this is a lot creamier and richer than my favorite Skin Hour Mattifying Day Cream. My sister, who has almost perfect skin (damn her, LOL), loves this because it serves as a good base for her makeup.

Why I like it:
  • mild and refreshing tea tree oil scent
  • smooth and creamy, applies effortlessly
  • non-greasy and non-reflective unlike other chemical sunscreens
  • not oily despite the olive oil content, imparts a matte finish
  • absorbs into the skin right away
  • evens skin tone
  • no white cast or streaks
  • universal shade for all skin tones
  • good base for mineral makeup
  • tea tree oil component can help heal blemishes
  • natural and paraben-free with SPF 35

Why I don't like it:
  • very sheer (almost zero) coverage
  • poor oil control (it is not an oil control product anyway)
  • not for people sensitive to tea tree oil

Perfect for people who:
  • have good skin and do not need much coverage or oil control
  • prefer all-natural sunblocks with a high SPF rating
  • are not allergic to tea tree oil
  • have blemishes and would like to heal and protect them at the same time
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    1. wow, mukhang okay to ah :)

      Melai of Style and Soul

    2. It's so nice to see that V&M are coming up with more HG material products!

      I'm also currently using a tinted sunblock for my face. Difference is, the one i'm using's infused with placenta extracts, which does wonders for my skin, and has superb oil control.

    3. For P335 it is very cheap. :)

      I ought to buy a new one so I'll probably try this one out, if I do get to drop by the mall. Been so busy these days.

    4. Oh wow. I've been contemplating getting Leyende's sunblock. Looks like it's going to get some tough competition :)

    5. @herroyalbleakness - sounds like a great product! Care to share what brand you're using? :)

      @Kari - Lauren reviewed that sunblock before. She says it has very good oil control, though it is much thicker and a bit difficult to apply at first. But she says it's a really good makeup base :)