Friday, January 28, 2011

Island Basics

I just discovered Island Basics at Pop Culture in Market! Market! last weekend. If you've been following my blog for quite some time, you'd know that I am such a sucker for natural skin care and household alternatives. I like trying new brands most especially if they are locally-made.

I like how organized the display is, and the fact that there are testers available for every product. Even if I wasn't in a buying mood, I was really intrigued and couldn't resist swatching. Their product line includes body butters, SPF 30 suncreen, shampoos, conditioners, household cleaners, etc.

What caught my fancy was their Room & Linen Spray in Eucalyptus (Php 140/100ml) and Green Tea + Cucumber Body Mist (Php 180/100ml). The body mist was out of stock at the outlet, so I resorted to ordering online from Patricia Matti (the owner). Delivery via courier was fast and efficient and I received my orders in 2 short days.

Room & Linen Spray in Eucalyptus Mint 

First of all, I love anything eucalyptus or mint-infused, it relaxes me and helps me sleep. This product is a sure winner for me because it's more mentholated than minty. A whiff of this helps clear my nose and reminds me of cool vaporub. It does not last long when sprayed in rooms or on fabrics though, but that's usually the case with natural products.

Body Mist in Green Tea

You could say that I was in search of a light and fresh body mist for summer. Yeah I know, it's still January but with a name like "Island Basics", you can't help but look forward to the beach.

This body mist smells like cucumber from the bottle, but becomes sweeter when actually sprayed on. I will admit that the scent is a bit cloying, but I get used to it after a while. I'm not used to those Victoria's Secret sickly sweet scents, hence my reaction. But others may like this better than me.

I can only make out hints of the cucumber and green tea, but overall it is a sugary sweet scent. I'm just happy this is so not like the cucumber-melon scents of yesteryear (aren't we all sick of those already?). Anyhoo, the downside is the scent lasts for only about 30 minutes, tops.

I'm excited to try out their household cleaners next. My Mom is slowly warming up to the idea of transitioning from chemical-based detergents to natural alternatives. I gave her some Messy Bessy products before and she loves them :)

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  1. I still love cucumber melon scents! I wish the eucalyptus linen spray stays on longer though. I could use that for my room.

  2. hi kira! thanks for this post! i tried their Room and Linen Spray (in Fresh Bamboo variant). it was much better than the chemical-based air fresheners in the supermarket. hindi masangsang yung amoy. next time i'll try the Bug Off Insect Lotion for Zeegy. :-)

  3. @Mara: The linen spray is heaven, I love spraying it on everything! Unfortunately, P-nut does not approve as it makes him sneeze :p

    @Cherick: I'm glad :) Patricia lives in Tomas Morato lang, let me know if you need her number, maybe you can arrange a "showroom" visit so you can view all her products.

    For bug sprays, my fave is Indigo Baby's Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me. It's a bit pricey but it smells like lavender, very soothing :)