Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quick review: Human Nature Mineral Makeup

Here's a quick peek at some of the stuff I got today. The mineral foundation and blush are supposedly for lighter skin tones.

What do you think of the packaging so far? Pretty dainty right?

Mineral Foundation in Orient Pearl - Php 425

For reference: photo from website/newsletter
This is my favorite seems like the most promising product so far. The light shade blends well into my NC30 skin tone, the sponge is soft on the skin and applies the product like a dream. This also smells waay better than their previous foundations (no annoying earthy/metallic scent) because of its added odor correctors (read: Vitamin E). A more in-depth review soon.


For reference: photo from website/newsletter
When I opened the box, I was so disappointed that the blush's color was so different from the one posted online. It did not look pink to me at all, it was more like a dusty rose shade and was too shimmery.


For reference: photo from the website (Pink Skies is letter C)
Moisturizing enough that I can skip lip balm before application. I don't have anything good or bad to say at this moment, it's just that the color is far from being an actual pink or mauve and wasn't as bright as illustrated in the photo above. On me, it looks like an MLBB shade bordering on nude. Has a nice fruity scent reminiscent of Avon's lippies.

Do you use Human Nature's mineral makeup? What are your thoughts/comments on them?

PS: Please stay tuned for a more detailed review soon :)


  1. hi! I'm curious about the Pink Skies. how does it look on the lips when applied? does it have even a hint of pink? any shimmers? thanks! :)

  2. hi! Nice reviews. I like it a lot. Well, hope you could help me out. I'm just new on collecting my own kikay kit and I would just like to know your view on this Hope you could help me out. Thanks! :)

  3. @Roma: I'll post swatches soon :)

  4. where can i get this?

  5. I'll be waiting :) Thanks!

  6. @Anonymous: Check it out at

  7. I love the Pressed Powder Foundation but I think it has a weird scent (all because it's organic hehe). I have tried Island Shell but I think Orient Pearl is my shade Though it's the lightest shade, it blends well on my skin so it gives a natural coverage. The Island Shell shade darkens my skin after several hours. My skin is combination type so I guess I really have to purchase 1 shade lighter than my skintone.

    The blush?Hmmmm....just like you Ms. Kira. I find it too shimmery but the shade is too light. do you agree?

  8. Hi Rizza! The new releases of the HN Foundie dont have that weird scent anymore and they don't crack as much na rin. I think it should be advertised as a finishing powder instead because it is so sheer. For my foundation, I prefer to use my Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup because it gives better coverage.

    The blush is ok lang, not very pigmented, basically nothing to write home about. Im positive they'll improve on the color selections and formulations in the future :)