Thursday, January 6, 2011

Drown me in brownie mix

There's been a long-running inside joke in our family that if you want to kill Kira, you have to drown her in brownie mix. Yes it's true, I DO NOT LIKE BROWNIES. We bake tons of the stuff every week but I try to shun this venerable pastry. But of course if my Mother asks me to help her bake, well...there's really nothing I can do.

Steve, on the other hand, is half-German and does not understand why our family likes Lengua dishes so much. He thinks Lengua is yucky and weird --- who eats tongue anyway? Well, only in the Philippines (and in Spain).

I was feeling adventurous last New Year's and decided to challenge Steve to eat Pastel de Lengua and I, in turn, would eat a piece of brownie. Yes folks, that's as adventurous as I can get. Hrhr.

So my sister "measured" both and said that she would document this event (which will NEVER EVER happen again, by the way). She even made her own rule stating that "no one will drink water until 5 minutes after finishing the lengua/brownie." Well I say, bring it on!

Brownie vs Lengua (please ignore pot roast with Cranberry sauce on the side :P)
Having second thoughts...
And then the dreaded first bites (please ignore supposed happy face):

this is so yum...NOT!
Good God...!
This was actually not my first attempt at consuming a brownie. I was at a party once and my friend sneaked in a Red Velvet cupcake and nonchalantly handed me one. I gladly ate a few chunks of it until my tastebuds realized that a Red Velvet cupcake is just a brownie in sheep's clothing. I gave the cupcake to Mark and drank a glass of water to rid my tongue of brownie debris.

So on to the challenge. This is me a few minutes later:

After the first few slices of the brownie I started As in real crying and not arte crying. Really I was such a wuss (sheesh). I really couldn't finish the damn thing. And then this happened:

Well hello gag reflex.

To cut the long story short, I did finish the brownie (yay!) a minute after Steve finished his dreaded Lengua. Getting beaten by a 23-year old half-German kid --- this memory will haunt me forever. But the good thing is, everyone now understood that I was dead serious about my aversion to brownies. It wasn't the coloring, like what most people assumed (how dare you assume that I am a racist! Ha!) It was actually the cocoa powder that I didn't like (but yeah, I drink Swiss Miss).

So folks, moral of the story is: never challenge anyone unless you're willing to embarrass yourself in the long run. Kidding. What I meant is, put your money where your mouth is. And oh, our brownies are so good. But our CREAM PUFFS are waaay better ;)

PS: Please be advised that I may decide to delete this blog entry in the future due to the embarrassing photos seen above :P


  1. AHAHAHA. This is so funny Ms. Kira :D Oh, and I looooove brownies. Peace~ ♥

  2. Awww! I'm not a brownie person myself, kasi nakakaumay siya hitsura pa lang. Especially the fudge types. I used to bake a lot using brownie mixes before (butterscotch forever!) so I think I just got sick of it rin :))

  3. @Zeng: I like brownies,too, but can only appreciate them from afar :)

    @Kari: I like how molten chocolate looks like but really I can't take the fudge. Not even chocolate ice cream or any sort of chocolate cake. I think there's something wrong with me, haha. I'm more of a cream and chiffon kind of girl :)