Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do you like doing things on your own?

I had this conversation with my younger sister while getting ready to leave the house last week:

Tish: Where are you going?
Kira: I'm watching a movie. 
Tish: Ooh..are you going with Mark?
Kira: No, I'm watching by myself. 
Tish: Eew...loser!
Kira: Oh grow up! What are you, 10 years old?

In this day and age are people still "scared" of going out on their own? Of being labeled as not having any friends? I admit, when I was younger I was embarrassed to have lunch alone in school. But when I was in college I didn't really give a damn. Moreso now that I am in my late twenties.

I like doing things *independently*, but I use the term loosely because I still like the luxury of having a driver. But I do like watching movies, eating in restaurants, even going [grocery] shopping alone. The freedom to do things within my own terms and my own time feels good.

So anyway, I did watch "The Tourist" on my own last weekend and boy did I enjoy it! The backdrop of Rome and Venice was just so beautiful, and I was happy I included it in my bucket list of places to visit. The heist movie was interesting without being pretentious. I loved the Jolie outfits and I loved Johnny Depp.

After that day, I have decided to make room for some regular "ME" time every weekend apart from the usual weekend dates with the boyfriend. This way I can watch whatever movie strikes my fancy (without having to compromise), and in the long run basically watch more movies. I will, however, reserve the good eats for Sunday with the significant other.

Do you guys like doing things on your own? I somehow enjoy it, especially when doing errands because I don't have anyone to slow me down. But I do enjoy the occasional hanging out with girlfriends, but there's really nothing like scouring the malls or going shopping by yourself.

However, going to chi-chi events is another thing as I prefer to bring a good buddy with me. Going to regular events by myself is fine though.  

What do you guys think? Am I the only one or do you feel the same way?


  1. I love watching movies alone ^_^ 'coz I don't have to worry if the other person next to me is enjoying it or not...honestly, there are things/activities that are better done alone, so I totally agree with you. I dunno why people have to couple up, must be the movies' fault, but really being 'singular' is also 'sexy' hehehe

  2. Glad that worked out for you! Sometimes I try to be alone especially when I have things to do, but unless it's really crunch time I end up wanting company and not getting anything done. I have to learn how to be alone :))

  3. @Kari: Haha, that happens to me too! I can also be a procrastinator sometimes (0_o) My friends don't help me get anything done! (kidding, I love my friends) :D