Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Crabopolis

The boyfriend woke me up this morning, and let me tell you that I don't like to be woken up early..not one bit. But for today I am willing to make an exception. He excitedly told me that he was bringing over my aquarium and when I heard that I literally jumped out of bed! Hooray!

I couldn't wait to transfer my hermies to their new home!

Read all about the new crabitat here!


  1. yaaay so happy for you! you've been blogging about that aquarium ever since, and now it's finally there! :D

  2. Thanks, Hazel! We are all as excited as can be <3

  3. It looks like they have a mini-resort. Quite a lot of room to roam around. I just wonder, do your hermit crabs fight for food or place?

  4. @Clumsyfancy: I've had a few aggressive ones who were very territorial esp when they were in the smaller tank. But now that they have more room to move around they all get along quite well :)

    But I haven't had any crab fights due to food, because their dishes are always well-stocked :)