Wednesday, January 12, 2011


If there is one thing that comes to mind whenever I head to Pampanga, it is Imang Aying's banca-banca. It is a traditional dessert treat that only your lolas and lolos would remember. Whenever my Lola or Mom would go to Pampanga (for reunions, shopping or to pay respect to our relatives who've passed on), she'd bring me those round garlic toasts, butong pakwan, chicharon, tocino (from Tita's or Pampanga's Best of course!), mamon tostado and many other desserts as pasalubong. I've forgotten what the other desserts are called but I distinctly remember how they looked like. However, my favorite would still be the beloved banca-banca.

Today I decided to tag along so that I may learn the ropes (of what, I cannot disclose). But we did make a mental note to pass by Imang Aying's house so I could finally meet her in person. She is sort of my Mom's Aunt (Singian side), I haven't really met ALL of my relatives because there are just sooo many. Seriously.

Imang Aying turned 80 already but she's still an awesome baker! Nobody else in her family knows the *secret* banca-banca recipe, and most people who knew the recipe anyways lost their copies during the war. We hope that with the pointers she gave us we can at least replicate the taste. We've been trying for years, but it's not as great as the ones she personally makes.

And the star of the day! Drumroll please:

100 pieces of pure heaven with sliced cashews on top! I can die now :P


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