Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Come visit the Bedazzle store!

I mustered enough strength to come to the opening of my friend's store today. I was down with a bout of cough and colds but I wouldn't miss this chance for the world.

Neatly tucked on the top floor of the newly refurbished University Mall (UM to those who are familiar) is Cat Limson's store of adorable and affordable handmade products. Cat has been my bazaar partner for the past two years, and after tons of bazaars, consignments and collaborations,  it was high-time she open up her own store. UM is perfect since she mostly caters to the younger set. Plus I was glad she set up shop here because it's just like going to school again, hee-hee.

At first glance, you'll immediately notice the shocking pink walls which are unmistakably Bedazzle. And once you enter you will be greeted by a treasure trove of originally-designed handmade items from headbands to purses and necklaces. Check out what Bedazzle has in store for you guys:

Rosette headbands - Php 119
Felt iPod cases and pouches Php 99 - 139

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Robinsons Yuletide Sale: Nov. 26-30

Barely a month left before Christmas, have you gone holiday shopping already? Admittedly, I've been postponing my Christmas shopping for the past few weeks because I seriously have no idea what to get yet. It's a good thing mall department stores are equipped with an extensive selection of products. So whether you're a high-end shopper or a bargainista like me, you're sure to find some interesting, giftable and useful items.

Everytime I visit Robinsons Place Midtown it's a rare occasion that I leave empty-handed. The mall itself houses lots of restos and high-end brands such as Dorothy Perkins, Beauty Bar, Lacoste, Mango, etc. But the real gem is its Department Store. For serious bargain shopping, I would recommend visiting this part of the mall first.

And that is exactly what I set out to do today, along with fellow bloggers Liz, Alex, Lyn and Earth. Our goal was to discover some pretty amazing finds at awesome (read: affordable) prices. And as if the high heavens were listening, this is what first greeted us today:

Triumph is on 70% off. 'Nuff said.
Now that we've got that out of the way (who doesn't want/need some new lingerie, right?) let us now proceed to what we all want, too -- FASHIONABLE CLOTHES.

Robinsons Department Store houses several private labels that are *hold your breath* on sale from November 26-30 at 10%-50% off.

NEVER BEEN KISSED features tops, bottoms and dresses for fashion forward teens which are all under Php 500.

this military jacket is only Php 650

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nouveau Culture Jewelry by Lai Russell

One of the perks of participating in bazaars and trade shows is getting to know talented Filipino artisans and marveling at their handmade creations. Being a huge supporter of handmade products, I never tire of seeing what Filipinos can come up with every year.

I've know Lai for a good two years, we'd always bump into each other at bazaars most especially at the Us Girls Bazaar which used to be held at Eastwood. A few weeks ago, I bumped into him again at the Zonta bazaar in Alabang.

Lai creates magnificent wire art jewelry by hand. So magnificent were his creations that his booth stood out from the other vendors selling clothes, knick knacks and other typical bazaar gift items. I took jewelry classes myself but his sheer hardwork and talent is amazing. Let me show you what I mean:

Paisley Bib Php 4,500
This Paisley Bib is my hands-down favorite -- I love the turquoise stones and the spirals. This piece is just stunning.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Gift of Gold

The new Pond's Gold Radiance line is now out in the Beauty section of SM Dept. Store. Have you seen the enticing gold displays yet?

The whole gang  is here: Facial Wash (Php 249), Youth Reviving Eye Cream (Php 699), Day Cream with SPF 15, Precious Youth Serum (Php 799). I have been using the Facial Wash and Serum for weeks now and I can say that I am loving it! Will definitely write a separate review on both items soon.

Freebie alert: You'll be entitled to a FREE Aranaz cluch (in Gold of course) if your purchases reach at least Php 1,000! Sweet huh? :)

Are you KXP? The Kulinarya Experience

If ever you are on a budget and you find yourself in Robinsons Midtown, I would suggest trying out Kulinarya Experience or KXP for either lunch, merienda or dinner. This has always been my resto of choice since the Midtown Wing opened about 2 years ago.

KXP serves an affordable selection of rice meals, pasta dishes, hearty soups, salads, pizzas and sliders. Their recently revamped menu now offers more budget-friendly meals for students, yuppies and your run-of-the-mill mallrat (that's me!). Can you spot me in the photo below?

The place is always predictably packed on weekdays especially during lunchtime. Today we had to patiently wait for 5 minutes before a table was cleared and ready for us, but most of the photos above were taken after 2pm which is why it looks empty and deserted. Haha. As you can see, the place is spacious enough and it always looks spic and span. I like how clean and no-nonsense everything is, plus the service people are nice too.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Featured on Paper Bag Vintage

When I covered Phil. Fashion Week last October, I decided to wear my very first polka dot dress. Months before I did leave a comment on Alex's blog that I can never pull of wearing polka dots even if my life depended on it. Well in fashion, I've learned, that one must never say never.

With Daryl, Lyn and Fritz (photo courtesy of Ozy)
The polka dotted dress I am wearing in this photo was from Paper Bag Vintage, which I had altered weeks before. It's made of light, airy chiffon with a tiered skirt. The dots were small and did not overwhelm my petite frame. You could say that it was perfect for me and is currently one of my favorite dresses alongside my animal print waisted dress.

I decided to wear flats because as I've learned covering events and such (I wore heels last May), one always ends up darting from place to place and ends up with sore feet.

I am a huge fan of dresses, but I still choose comfort over fashion. And this dress is definitely tops in comfort in my book. I'd like to thank the lovely ladies over at Paper Bag Vintage (hello Kristen and Gwyneth) for this wonderful find and for featuring me in their StyleBook. They've got lots of good finds and I encourage everyone to take a peek. If that skull dress is still up for sale please, please buy it already! it's been calling me ever since I saw it (I love skulls, FYI) but I have too many skull dresses already :P

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A bucket full of love

Being a fan of drawstring bags since high school, I am saying hello again to the hippie vibe with some new (and not so new) bucket bags. Now since I am still in bazaar-mode and Mom knows I am not allowed to shop for personal items (except for bazaar-related stuff), she gladly gifted me with these. My Mom's amazing, I love her :D

vintage prints
a seemingly run-of-the-mill bucket bag...
transforms into a stylish rucksack

Thursday, November 18, 2010

EarthlyDelights will be at the Brown Bag Market!

EarthlyDelights handmade notebooks will be at the IZZO booth. 
Please look for the uber friendly MADZ! We hope to see you guys there! :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Have you tried Fizzy Fruits?

If you're ever like my boyfriend who loves cola drinks and fruits to death, then Fizzy Fruits are going to be perfect for you! While at the Zonta Alabang bazaar last weekend, I spotted this product amongst the sea of pastries and hungarian sausages (and God knows I love sausages too). I immediately bought 6 pieces (one of each kind) and gave a few to the boyfriend. 

I won!

Sorry for this dreadfully late post! Do you remember Project Vanity's contest that I joined a few weeks ago? Well, well, well I got lucky and I WON!!! Yay!!!

I was so lemming the NARS Skin EFA Cream sample, Clinique All About Eyes Rich sample, Clinique Super City Block SPF40 sample! The others were split between mom, sister (they love free stuff) and myself. Hee-hee. Thank you, Liz and thank you Project Vanity! :D

What I am loving now: Skin Hour Moisturizing Night Cream

Easily absorbed non-clogging night cream. Adds essential moisture to smoothen the whole face. Mandarin C variant relaxes and soothes tired skin. Makes skin more supple, less wrinkled and less flaccid. Contains bearberry from the Uva Ursi plant natural and papain for more even and lighter skin tone without irritation.

Ingredients: deionized aqua, organic karite shea butter, gylceryl stearate, sweet almond oil, organic goat milk, pearl powder, bearberry and papain extract, a-tocopherol, sodium gluconate, organic non-solvent fragrance oils

I contacted Char of Skin Hour a few weeks back to inquire about their night cream. The famous Mattifying Day Cream has worked so well for me (and for others I'm sure) that I was interested in trying out her Moisturizing Night Cream as well. Because I am quite anal about packaging, I requested that she send me a fresh, new jar citing that the last jar I got from her had scratches on it. Char gladly obliged and sent me a pristine jar. Yay!

Monday, November 15, 2010

For the love of hermit crabs

I bet you're wondering what I've been up to lately. Well suffice to say, it's been a hell month so far what with bazaars and such (preparations and post-bazaar-slash-sales reports madness). It will be only more hectic once the real bazaar season sets in, which is end of November til December when people start panic buying. I've participated in 2 bazaars already and so far I have a couple more lined up for each and every weekend til December. Whew. I am seriously going to feel the brunt of bazaar season this year.

So anyway, some good news -- I purchased my own domain! Whoopee! I created a new site for my crab tendencies and crab stories. I love the layout because I can showcase larger photos so you can see all the itty-bitty hermit crab details, from their special markings to their flicking antennaes.

So GO -- visit      www.ilovehermitcrabs.com      NOW!

But don't worry I will also be updating my beauty & fashion blog of course, and will be purchasing my own domain for this as well. Just let me recover first from all the stress and the load of work that I left behind.

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Zonta Carnivale Bazaar

Hola friends from the South! EarthlyDelights will be at the Zonta bazaar again this year :)

Last year we ran out of  notebooks within the first few hours of the bazaar *weep*

This year we have more stuff for you guys starting off with LOTS and LOTS of our well-loved handcrafted notebooks (hugs to Trish), our new clay bracelets, more handpainted necklaces, the famous Dot Matrix collection by Pinky Blings and lots of OOAK items.

We will also be showcasing new stuff alongside Bedazzle and IZZO shop!

So please visit us at the Cuenca Court, Ayala Alabang Village on November 13-14. 
We'll be there from 9AM- 9PM!

See you :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Awesome stuff at Global Pinoy

This just in! PhilStar Supreme will be featuring Global Pinoy Bazaar merchants including EarthlyDelights! Yay! Stay tuned for the deets :)

As of writing, I am still tired, sleepy and terribly hungover. I was half-hearted about joining the Global Pinoy Bazaar this year (it would be my third), but at the last minute I just decided to just get over it and participate. The novelty of bazaars dwindle each and every year, I have been doing it for 3 years max while the boyfriend has been doing it since early 2000. And so I am very, very choosy about the ones I join.

So anyway since my eyes are still weary from lack of sleep, I'd like to share some of the things that made me happy yesterday. Take note: these were all cheap finds, definitely bargainista approved!

P50 clay rings from Bedazzle
P200 cupcake ring from Cosmopolitan

Friday, November 5, 2010

We'll be at the Global Pinoy Bazaar!

Please visit us at the Global Pinoy Bazaar on November 6-7.
We have tons of OOAK handmade accessories from bedazzled flip flops to handcrafted notebooks.

It's from 9AM-10PM at the Rockwell Tent.
We hope to see you there! :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Asian Secrets Lulur Body Scrub

While I was in Watsons last week, I decided to grab my own 135g tub of Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub. I've heard reviews from friends that it is one remarkable product worth trying, I even joined Project Vanity's Asian Secrets contest a few months back because I was hoping I'd win a jar (hee-hee). I love body scrubs and I have a couple of them in bathroom, my favorite being VMV's Ginger Snap Body Clay (Php 600+) . I was curious to find out if Asian Secrets can replace my tried and tested body scrubs for a fraction of the price.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The birthday girl

*drumroll please*

Max is turning a year old next month! Yipee! She's grown a lot, though is still quite small compared to the other crabs. She may be small but she is quite dominant and aggressive, she successfully evicted larger crabs from their shells just because she wanted to try them on for size. Tsk, tsk. Naughty, naughty, Max. I am amazed the larger crabs are very tolerant of her behavior.

hey you! send me some new shells will ya?
To keep your crabs happy and healthy like Max, I suggest giving them a lot of variety when it comes to food. Make sure to include those with beta carotene to maintain their reddish/orangey color (although some crabs are naturally grey or black).

I want some bananas this time!
Max loves his fruits and his almonds. I am so lucky to have a Mom who bakes because I can just snatch some of her [fresh] ingredients and give them to my crabs. Hee-hee.

Max: "You are such a cheapskate!"

this shell seems nice, but it's just too big
So what does Max want for her birthday? She would like shells please, because she does not like the 50+ shells her human just purchased. She's choosy like that.

Breaking news: Sparks molts!

First and foremost I would like to thank my crab readers who have left comments and emails, asking (some begging) me for more crab stories. Sorry for the late posts, their human has been very busy as it is the start of the bazaar season. Furthermore, all of my crabs are in "hibernation" and are due for a molt soon, so there hasn't been much action in the crabitat

If you remember, I first acquired Sparks on September 16 from Happy Hermits in SM San Lazaro. After every crab purchase I anxiously wait for the new crabs to molt because some experts say, crabs experience PPS (post-purchase stress) up until their first molt with their new owner.

According to the Conscientious Crab Hobbyist:
PPS is the result of a crab’s inability to physiologically adapt quickly enough from his natural circumstances (environment and habits) into a transitional one and then into a captive environment. The inability to adapt is invoked and influenced by the degree of and withholding of elements the crabs need to adjust to their environment.

This statement means that crabs suffer the most risk of physical stress induced death from the change in their environment (heat, humidity, range and associated resources) by being harvested, shipped and housed by the pet merchants. Resources in this context are water, salt water, food and shelter. Explicitly we need to recognize that the stress is not an “emotional” one, which we have to tendency to relate more easily to. It is physical and involves their ability or inability to forage (for food); have access to resources such as salt water, fresh water; an appropriate substrate and/or room to metabolize to their new environmental surroundings (heat and humidity).
A large percentage of newly bought crabs die from PPS and so it is recommended that new owners understand this and make the new crabitat molt-friendly as well as provide adequate food and water. I recommend you read the FULL article by clicking the link above, PPS is a touchy subject and it's quite hard to discuss it here.

Now on to the good news -- Sparks just molted today! It has been approximately a month and half ago from the time he was purchased and boy was I relieved! I took photos for you guys, too, so checkit checkit:

Monday, November 1, 2010

A baby hermit crab

Have you ever seen a baby hermit crab? I highly doubt it, since hermies do not breed in captivity. However, let me tell you about my experience last September while I was on holiday in Dakak.

I was scouring the sand looking for coral and things that I can take home with me, when my sister handed an unusual looking coral and told me I could keep it. I turned it over and discovered a teeny tiny baby hermit crab. I could not believe my eyes --- I have a baby hermit crab in my hand! A hermit crab, btw, has two basic stages of life: the aquatic stage and the terrestrial stage.

I think this the most adorable thing I've seen to date! Not a lot of people have the opportunity to spot a baby in their natural habitat. Can you see its eyes and translucent legs?

Dad cupping them in his hand
There were also a lot of small juvenile crabs that were running around the beach. The larger ones, I'm told, are more terrestrial and live way out far from the ocean. We took photos of these for posterity and let them go afterwards. They were soo happy to be back on the sand, as evidenced by these pictures:

letting them go
they all scurried around
I didn't take home any of the crabs, of course. I wouldn't dream of just taking them from their natural habitat. Plus I wouldn't know if they'd get along with the other crabs at home. I also spotted a mother hermit crab with eggs in her abdomen but didn't take a photo.

I haven't posted a lot of stuff about my hermit crabs (sorry!), but let me tell you that Max has been a naughty, naughty crabbie. He's not getting anything for Christmas.