Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

P-nut goes on duty even on Halloween, "I have to keep the streets safe!"
P-nut spots a suspicious-looking doggie...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Power brows: The trend for Fall 2010

If our eyes are considered as the windows to our soul, then our brows are definitely the ones that draw attention to our eyes and help frame our face. Well-defined brows can significantly change one’s appearance from natural, to sophisticated, to dramatic. Sometimes, eyebrows are one of the quickest and easiest ways of updating and polishing your look. So don’t take your eyebrows for granted!

Eyebrows have evolved over the years and garnered so much attention in the process. Here’s a short history of various eyebrow trends:

In the flapper eras of the 1920’s and 30’s eyebrows were generally long and quite thin (think Clara Bow). Thicker brows started to become more fashionable in the 1950’s, as sported by Judy Garland and the famous doe-eyed beauty Audrey Hepburn.

Come the 1980s, stronger brows were considered fashionable, and one can only think of the prominent brows of Brooke Shields (ala “Blue Lagoon”) as a fitting example. Up until today, much of Shield’s effervescent beauty can be attributed to her dark and full brows. Madonna (during her “Like A Virgin days”) also sported piercing, strong dark brows that contrasted her light blond hair.

In the 1990s however, a different trend was evident as pencil-thin brows were coveted similar to those sported by Christina Aguilera and Pamela Anderson. As such women (and men) started to overpluck in order to achieve reed-thin, barely-there eyebrows.

The good news this year, though, is that brows are back with a vengeance. On the A/W 2010 runways, designers showcased strong looks via bold and in-your-face brows. These looks are definitely not for the fainthearted. There is only one message here: girls, take it easy on your tweezers. Full, lush (not bushy!) and defined brows can make you look years younger.


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Day 3 of Phil. Fashion Week

It's day 3 of Philippine Fashion Week and I was particularly excited about the Levi's Curve ID event which was the last show of the night. The best part of all? I get to experience it with fellow writers/bloggers Liz of Project Vanity, Lauren of IamBourgeois, Lyn of Fresh Ink, Fritz of Fritzified and Artsy-fartsy Ava.

Please stay tuned for our coverage on the Ipanema and Levi's shows coming out soon on ThePOC web as we've got awesome photos. In the meantime, lemme share with you some outfit photos:

the dynamic duo of Ukay Manila : Lauren & Liz
My partner in crime, Lyn

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pond’s Gold Radiance at Philippine Fashion Week S/S 11

It’s PFW once again folks! And what better way to kickoff the week than with Pond’s Gold Radiance at the runway? Pond’s recently released their new anti-aging Gold Radiance line comprised of a facial foam, cleansing boost, day cream with SPF 15, night cream, serum and an eye cream which is supposed to help improve skin radiance and skin renewal, infused with real gold flecks to boot. Gold  is said to address dull and aging skin by fighting off free radicals alongside Vitamin E. It is also easily absorbed into the skin and helps address wrinkling, improve skin elasticity and skin renewal. The line is set to hit stores on November.

Last night, Pond’s celebrated their new GOLD line with collections from some of the country’s prominent designers, as modeled by Divine Lee, Joey Mead, Phoemela Baranda, Sarah Meier, Kelly Misa, Marina Benipayo, Ria Bolivar and many other fresh faced beauties. The event was hosted by none other than the very stylish and gold clad Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdes. Pond’s also introduced their new product endorser for the Gold Radiance line, the forever youthful Ms. Tweetie de Leon-Gonzales.

Dennis Lustico’s gold shifts were accented by fringe and jeweled and beaded details.  

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Philippine Fashion Week 2011

Who's excited about PFW this year? I know I am! One of the perks of the job is having access to coveted beauty & fashion events like these, which is why I tell myself everyday that "I love my job, I love my job, I love my job".

Which shows are you guys going to? I am covering several shows this week so if you see me, please say HELLO! Hope you guys have fun! :D

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dinner + Piranhas = FUN

I currently love what I do and the people that I work with. That's quite rare especially since I'm so picky with friends and am perpetually shy. Last Saturday, Marco and Liz threw a special dinner for close friends at Linden Suites. I brought the boyfriend along with me (sorry, forgot to take a picture of him) so he could finally meet my gorgey friends, hee.

I wore my favorite Ukay Manila powder blue eyelet dress and the off-white Shoebox flats that I got last week (it's currently my fave, I will be wearing them often, you'll see). Please forgive my pale and lifeless face, I was only wearing some powder because I came from a facial am lazy, haha :D

Here's the delicious food courtesy of Anne, her deviled eggs were my favorite! Yummeh! More photos below:

food, glorious food!

 deviled eggs are love
Liz, Lyn and Mara
Helga, Marco, Lauren
intently watching "Piranha", LOL
Lauren, Me, Lyn, Mara, Liz (Tanya and Alex, we miss you!)
now this is what I call pig out food!
As always, dinner with these guys always spell fun. And I'm sure my boyfriend got a kick out of the movie "Piranha", harhar. I can't wait for our next POC dinner!

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Giddy about the new Pond's Gold Radiance line

I am pretty sure you've heard what the buzz is all about. Pond's, the world renowned brand in whitening and skin care has just released their newest line: the Pond's Gold Radiance line.

It is comprised of a facial foam, cleansing boost, day cream with SPF 15, night cream, serum and an eye cream which all "uses 98.5-percent real gold flakes sourced from Germany, which are specially developed for use in skincare" (source). Gold is said to address dull and aging skin by fighting off free radicals alongside Vitamin E. It is also easily absorbed into the skin and helps address wrinkling, improve skin elasticity and skin renewal.

The full line will be available at all major department stores come mid-November, while the facial boost and night cream will be exclusively distributed by Watsons outlets nationwide. Prices start at Php 799.

The line looks very promising and very luxe. I am very grateful to be part of the lucky few chosen to roadtest a few products (thank you, Project Vanity). I am currently using the facial foam and the serum. It seems like fate really, because I have been in search of a good serum since I turned just twenty-something this month (haha).

  Please stay tuned for my personal review soon!

How about you, are you excited to try the new Pond's Gold Radiance line? :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

CPC+G, the IT whitening treament

I received these in the mail recently and I was excited to try them out. I wondered, how can this small bottle hold so much promise? What makes this different from all the so-called whitening products flooding the market today?

This product is called CPC+G, an exclusive product of Venus & Mars, the brand who introduced and popularized emu oil in the Philippines. It stands for: Clair Blanche, Papain, Calamansi + Glutathione which are all well-known potent whitening extracts. The formula also claims to improve the health of skin via added Vitamin A, C, E, potassium and its other mineral content.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oh. my. gulay.

In an effort to cut back on meat (check out my bucket list) and to hopefully start eating healthy, I've been employing this diet for the past month:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday = Chicken
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday = Fish
Sundays = I can eat anything I want

I've been doing fairly well, much to the delight of my doctor and parents. For my sister, well...let's say she hasn't warmed up to the idea. She is younger than me and can still afford to eat whatever she wants and not worry about the carbs and calories going straight to her bum.

The thing is, I've attended several family gatherings this week. And you know, when good sensibilities tell you to stick to your diet, a party isn't a party until you've had your fill of rich [fatty] food and sugary desserts.  

Diet? What diet?! *major fail*

Anyway, I want to point out the dish that stood out the most. I guess it can be good or bad depending on your side of the story:

Asparagus wrapped in bacon from Teriyaki boy
How can something soo healthy be soo sinful as well? Can you see the asparagus swimming in pork fat? Holy Cannoli! Whoever thought of this dish?

Sorry my dear asparagus, but I would have to pass.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What are 3 beauty products that you can't live without?

Hola! It's a very rainy Thursday afternoon and before I go on my so-called "siesta" and spend time with my little ones (aka P-nut the Chihuahua and Micki the Shih Tzu), I'd like to share with you some of the things that I cannot live without.

First of all, it was hard to narrow it down to just three items. We all know that to prettify ourselves we definitely need more than 3 products. If you can, however, get away with just 3 then I assume you are one of the lucky few who possess flawless skin. And for that fact, I am totally envious!

1. Avon Moisture Therapy Oatmeal Lotion - Php 330

old packaging vs the new sleek packaging
This has been my HG body lotion for the past 6 years or so. It's very light and easy to spread and you can easily wear your jeans or clothes immediately after application. Don't you just hate lotions that make you feel "coated"? In our schizo weather, I prefer water-based lotions that are easily absorbed by the skin, and this baby is a sure winner. I hoard this whenever I can and I am happy to have an Avon Lady who alerts me when this goes on sale so I can get it for only Php 189 each.

2. Mediherbs Soap Facial Skin Antiseptic - Php 29.75

Typical tomato soaps break me out, but this affordable drugstore find doesn't. It contains Tomato, Papaya and Cucumber extracts to tone, soften, whiten and hydrate skin. It is also enriched with Vitamin A & C to control oiliness. I've been religiously using this for both my face and body for almost 2 years. This is available in the beauty section (not grocery) of Landmark Trinoma only.

3. Oil control sheets

This is something I've always had in my purse or bag. Since high school I've relied on oil control sheets to freshen up in between classes or meetings. Any brand does the trick, but I've been using my TBS Nature's Minerals Blotting Tissues as of late.

Care to share your own list? Then join Project Vanity's Stash Giveaway!

Asian Twist Fusion Restaurant

Asian Twist is one of the newer restaurants located along N.S. Amoranto corner Speaker Perez Street, which is a good 10 minutes away from our house. This is the place I frequent for my silken tofu fix which I've written about so many times on this blog.

There's a huge twist sign upfront, but if you happen to pass by when a lot of cars are parked, you just might miss it. Still, I think that it was a nice touch from the typical square signs of yore. Some blogs have commented that the menu and flavors here are reminiscent of the now defunct AKU restaurant which has served us for many years, previously located on the exact same street.

A little side note: when I was in college I used to eat at AKU all the time. The staff (especially Carlo) was friendly and the food was affordable and delicious. *sigh* I miss that place...


The moment you enter you'll be greeted by the very accommodating and friendly Michelle, who always has a smile on her face and a skip in her step. Also, you'll immediately see the cake display and the dessert and pastries selection.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Everything's coming up roses

Pretty shoes in rich purple hues and dainty roses. 
We were also eyeing a pair of black pumps but it wasn't available in our size anymore *sniff*

All shoes from Payless Shoesource at Shangri-la Mall, Php 995 each

Monday, October 18, 2010

Shoebox & Me

Yesterday, my Mom and I decided to go around Trinoma after we had our Healing Mass with Fr. Suarez. I have to say that I have never felt this good and this light-hearted. I'm saving the whole experience for another blog entry in the near future.

Anyway, I've been eyeing Shoebox for quite some time now but I haven't seriously purchased a pair yet. Saturday seemed like a good day to check out their collection. In Trinoma they're located in the Pop Culture section, which is on the 2nd floor near Artwork. Pop Culture can be likened to Robinsons Malls Sleek Avenue (previously named 50th Avenue) section.

They occupy a huge area there, so I doubt that you'll miss it. They offer a lot of sizes but for people with tiny feet (this is one of the banes of my existence, really), you might end up purchasing shoes from the kids' collection. I have size 5 feet which sometimes seems like a size 4 in today's growing world.

Shoebox offers shoes from the classic ballerina flats (if you want to channel the glam Audrey Hepburn) which starts at Php 499, stylish wedges, clogs, sneakers which start at Php 799 and even bags. The prices are very affordable and they offer a range of styles, even for your little one! Liz of Project Vanity is a huge fan of their wedges.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Polka Doll

The only qualm I have about shopping online is that even when the measurements and dimensions are provided, the dresses sometimes still do not fit well. That's the difference with shopping in an actual mall, I can fit the items and decide if I really am a size 6 (my standard size) or a size 8 (on my "fat" days). It's almost always a hit or miss when I shop online especially since photos can be deceiving. And some sellers do not disclose the condition of the dresses, as such sometimes I am left to make do with frayed hems, stains and ratty fabric.

There are the usual shops I frequent like Ukay Manila and Playground Love Shop and there are a  handful that I just browse through to check what's new. Recently I discovered Paper Bag Vintage which just opened and had this pretty polka dot dress on sale. I tend to steer clear of polka dots, because too much can look clownish. But I thought the dress was pretty and the dimensions were perfect so I gave it a go. Normally I'd take the skull-printed dress, but seeing as I've got several skull dresses already, I passed and took the less obvious choice.

This was how it looked like online. Twas pretty cute, if I may say so myself. When I got it though, the long sleeves were too wide and looked a bit dowdy on me. The only smart thing to do was to shorten them and replace the loose garters.

And so that's exactly what I did.

I brought the dress along with another dress from Ukay Manila to the Alteration Shop in Sleek Avenue in Robinsons Midtown where I have my "suki" sewers. Two hours later, I got my dresses back and paid only Php 280. This is how the dress looks like now:

It looks more current and wearable. I love it! See, even if a dress doesn't fit well at first, you can consider bringing it to your favorite sewer for a slight alteration (or overhaul if need be) before you decide to chuck it and resell it online (which is what I normally do when I'm lazy, tee-hee).

Where do you have your clothes altered?
Do you like bringing them to your friendly neighborhood sewer for cheap 
or do you prefer upscale mall alteration shops? Do tell :)

PS: More vintage dresses over at my online shop, EarthlyDelights.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

50's Nostalgia at Johnny Rockets

I started my chicken-fish diet a couple of weeks ago and no, it wasn't because I wanted to lose weight. But it was upon the advice of my doctor who once and for all knocked some sense into me. For those who know me, I am a huge meat eater. But since my so-called "diet", I've learned to shun away from Crispy Pata, Sisig, lechon and other similarly oily dishes. Well for 6 days a week, anyway. On Sundays I have the liberty to eat whatever I want.

A few days ago we decided to visit the newly opened Johnny Rockets along Tomas Morato. My god, the 50s interior was just beckoning. If you are a burger & fries + milkshake kind of girl (or guy), then this place is definitely for you.
Johnny Rockets is an international restaurant chain that provides the food, fun and friendliness reminiscent of feel-good Americana. On June 6, 1986, the first Johnny Rockets opened on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, offering guests friendly service and great food in a fun and nostalgic atmosphere.

Every original Johnny Rockets restaurant boasts great tasting food from a menu of favorites including juicy hamburgers, classic sandwiches, and hand-dipped shakes and malts. Guests also enjoy an all-American look and feel, tabletop jukeboxes and authentic decor. 
The place just makes me want to down several burgers, a couple of milkshakes and a huge glass of iced tea. With rollerskates on. I'm glad we visited on a Sunday, otherwise I'd feel totally guilty.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zoobic Safari

In lieu of all the shopping and eating I could have done, I decided to choose life and family for my birthday. And what better way to bond with the parents than going on a trip? Now because our trip to Avilon was so much fun, it was only fitting that Zoobic should be next on our list.

Early birds
I invited my silly Uncle, my Grandma, my parents, sister, my boyfriend and Rene who served as our driver for the day (because no one else drive wanted to drive, hehe). If there's one person who loves travelling and just being downright game for anything, that's my Uncle Noel (I went with him to Singapore once and never regretted it).

We left at 8:00 AM and had breakfast in Kenny Roger's somewhere along NLEX. You have to try the  big breakfast with the huge schublig, it's pretty good and quite filling.

After breakfast we took the 3-4 hour drive to Subic Freeport, and were delighted to once again see some monkeys near the road. I know you're not supposed to feed them....but they were cute and I happened to have an unopened canister of Planters Cheese Balls in the car *hee-hee*

Friday, October 8, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today is the first day

A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. 
I can't wait to experience more out of life, explore new horizons and see new sights this year!

Thank you to all my wonderful friends for making my life so awesome! :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Brown

I am a self-confessed makeup noob as I prefer fussing over skin care than makeup. I rarely have makeup on save for the basics: tinted moisturizer, foundation, blush and lipstick. I sometimes have a love-hate relationship with eye liners -- I love how they make my small Asian eyes look bigger and wide awake, but I do not have the patience to apply liner all the time. That is where my sister comes in handy because she can apply the liner on me, haha.

We got Maybelline's Gel Liner last week and although the sister has been using it since, I've only been able to try it a few days ago. I totally despise pencil liners, I prefer pen/brush liners more (think TFS pen liner). I've been curious about gel liners ever since Liz gave me a makeover-slash-tutorial a few months ago and used MAC's Fluidline on me. Check my entry here.

If you think I look sleepy in my last photo, you're probably right. I haven't had enough sleep lately, my brain has been channeling the Energizer bunny since last week. Could be because my birthday is coming up (greet me please! *wide smile*) or I'm giddy about bazaar season. But I digress...

Cramy gel type allows to draw a smooth, clean line without crease. Customized eye line brush allows line to be drawn as desired from fine to thick. The creamy gel texture dries quickly after application. Long-lasting, waterproof and smudge-proof formula that resists sweat, tears and water.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vanity is my favorite sin

A Vanity Mini-fair was held at SM Skydome last Friday, and I was more than excited to attend because I'd get to hang out with my favorite POC girls. Plus I'd get to meet all the other beauty bloggers that I only interact with online. This fair was co-sponsored by Project Vanity too! Woot!

The fair started with Ms. Pauli Genuino of John Robert Powers giving us a pep talk on how to improve one's posture. When I had a short chat with Pauli, fondly called Ms. Twinkle by PAL employees, she was immediately reminded of my sister who is a PAL Sales Rep and who looks almost like me (doi). Haha.

The Body Shop, one of the event's co-sponsors, also presented their new line of Eco-conscious hair products that are Eco-certified, biodegradable and environment-friendly. They also introduced their new Fall makeup collection aptly named "Smoke & Fire".

And then it was time for merienda. And the tough part was, since I was supposedly covering the event for ThePOC, I had to get up several times to take photos of what was going on onstage. As a result, I was the last one to finish my meal, and everyone was giving me a hard time about it. You know who you are! LOL. I'll get my revenge! *evil laugh*

And then we had to participate in a game. Oh that dreaded game where we almost won by a mile only to lose in the end. It was weird as we were verrry competitive about it (especially Bestie who was contesting the results, hah!)

Guys, please say hello to Nicole's awesome shoes! You likey?