Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why bazaars are L-O-V-E

Sometimes when I've been doing something for so long, I tend to get bored or just lose direction. Participating in bazaars is no exception. Before my string of holiday bazaars this year, my last was at Rockwell last February. Sales were good as usual, but it seemed like I was getting bored of my humdrum bazaar life.

Seeing as the Greenmeadows bazaar was my last this year, I will admit that I was quite half-hearted about pushing through with it. I wanted to take a vacation early and spend my hard-earned money on things that I know I deserved. But of course, my bazaars have been paid for way back in September so it seems like there is no turning back now.

But God had other plans for the cynical and lazy me. Greenmeadows turned out to be our best bazaar to date. I got to meet a lot of people who appreciated handmade items and also bumped into dear friends whom I haven't seen in ages.

Cat of Bedazzle
By the first day the desktop planners I brought were almost sold out, the notebooks were whittled down to only 25 pieces while our mesh bags were down to 4. My handpainted necklaces were also dwindling in number, good thing the new pendants were dry the moment I got home. Cat, my partner in crime who is a very skilled crafter, seriously needed to replenish her stocks as well. You could say that we were stressed in a good way on day 1.

For day 2, even the bout of rain didn't stop the customers from purchasing giftable items from our booth. I conveniently wore my nautical-inspired dress that I got from Robinsons Dept. Store and paired it with my new hand painted teddy bear necklace.

We were visited by awesome friends and nice customers today and boy was I thrilled :)

Ms. Gigi and Hannah
Pretty Marj and Abby
Abby loves cupcakes
Mommy Weng, our former supervisor at PeopleSupport
Cool Jamie and her Mom
Lunch for the day: Fish & chips with cream cheese dip
Richmond, Trish and cutesy baby Tiarra
Adorable Lulu
The whole Greenmeadows experience reminded me of why I choose to participate in bazaars in the first place. That twinkle in their eye when they see our stuff, and their sheer joy when they finally purchase it. It was also nice and quite amazing that many teens and moms purchased LOADS as gifts for their friends and relatives.

By 4pm on Sunday, Cat and I wanted to pack up and go home. Mainly because we didn't have much to sell anymore and we were downright tired. But we still stuck it out till 7PM since it would be rude to just pack up before egress. (I will not deny that I snuck in some zzzz's because I was already so sleepy..)

I would have to say that Claud always does a wonderful job, there were lots of people who visited the bazaar and most were in a buying mood. Too bad I forgot to have my photo taken with her because she is such a doll in real life.

In essence, this is the photo that best described my weekend:

Mr. Jiddu pays a visit
Yep. I am as happy as a girl who just had her first glass of cocktail for the day. And no, I wasn't drinking beer midday -- that's only a cup of iced tea :P

To all the people who dropped by our booth,  to Ms. Agnes who hoarded notebooks and bags and who even ordered a few more after the bazaar, thank you so much! And my gratitude goes out most especially to Trish and her cuddly baby Tiarra, many thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Guys, we shall see you again next year! Happy Holidays! :)


  1. Yey! You survived from all the bazaars you've joined! So what's next?

  2. WOW CONGRATS! That's awesome!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS :)

  3. Thank you Kira! See you soon :) -- Marj and Abby