Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Tish!

Who remembers being 25? I do, and boy do I miss it. I miss having to eat whatever I wanted and not worry about it going to my thighs, LOL.

My younger sister turned 25 this week. It was so appropo since there is no better time to have parties, reunions and pig outs than December. Any sort of fat accumulation during the holiday season is deemed forgivable what with all the reunions and parties and the unexplainable high we experience during this special month.

For her birthday, my sister and I only invited close friends and our significant others for a special dinner at Mile Hi located in Burgos Circle.

Rich, Jessie, Mark, Cheq, Tish, Steve, Ice
my very own personal PSG holding our Bare It All Cream :P
I gifted my sister with two tubs of the famous Bare It All Cream which has been her current favorite since early this month. We wanted to hoard more from the last Noel bazaar but this cream has been so elusive and sold out since. I was lucky to have found a few from their resellers.

What I like about Mile Hi is they serve good, affordable food. Mile Hi may be a diner like Johnny Rockets, but they sure have a better selection of dishes. 

Chicken Cordon Bleu
Mozzarella-stuffed Burger (the ranch dressing is so delish!)
Baby Back Ribs
Dad was obviously happy with his Baby Back Ribs
ze birthday cake courtesy of Mark (my boyfriend)
Make a wish!
Lovin' Cheq's booties
Class picture: Mark Llamas, Cheq, Mark de Vera, Me, Mom, Dad, Tish, Steve, Ice
And to cap off the night, we all went to the new Starbucks Drive-thru. We absolutely think that this is the largest Starbucks in Manila with very beckoning homey interiors. It reminds us of our Lola's old Spanish-inspired house where we currently live in. Very old world.

Java Chips and Peppermint
Steve was actually freezing here, hence the face
fooling around with the hand dryer

What I wore:
Beige Waisted Floral Dress from Ukay Manila
Denim jacket: Mossimo (last seen here)


  1. Happy birthday to your sister! I love her skirt and your friend, Cheq's, boots!

    Happy holidays!

  2. HBD to your sis! you two look alike! pretty and chic :) i love your dress, very summer-y! :D

    oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

  3. Thanks Ishna and Hazel! Happy New Year :)

  4. I've never been inside the new Starbucks! Although I always drive thru before I go to work :D