Thursday, December 16, 2010 stores at Robinsons Midtown

Went to visit Rob Midtown today to hopefully use up my remaining GCs. I discovered (rather late) that there are new stores at the Midtown Wing (near PCX) and on the 2nd floor of the Faura Wing. And just in time for Christmas. I don't know why my sister always "forgets" to tell me these things when she works so near (hint: at an airline company :P)...I could've gone shopping last week when I had more moolah.

Here are modest photos of the new stores that just opened 2 weeks ago. I wasn't on blog duty hence the mobile camera photos again. Plus some stores (like Promod) shooed me away when they discovered I was taking photos. Haha.





And if you're lucky, you'll also catch the choir serenading shoppers with Christmas music.


Are you excited about the holidays? I know I am. I love this makes me warm and fuzzy all over. It also helps that I met Mark during the holidays 4 years ago, which explains why December is so dear to me.

So anyhoo there you go, more reasons to love Robinsons Midtown. But I honestly didn't get anything from the stores above because I was on Grinch mode --- after my bazaar I'll have more money to burn and so my shopping bonanza will ensue. But guess where I ended up buying a pretty nautical dress? Why at the Robinsons Department Store of course! Seriously, you guys should visit some of their private labels because they've got lots of trendy dresses for petite ladies like me. My favorite being Popstar and Never Been Kissed (they're not paying me to say this, I really like those brands).

Don't forget, I'll be at the Greenmeadows bazaar on December 18-19! New notebooks and handpainted necklaces will be on SALE! :)


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