Thursday, December 30, 2010

My fascination with all things tiny

I've always found smaller versions of ordinary, run-of-the-mill things cute. Which explains why I have a Chihuahua, hermit crabs and several cactus plants. I have small versions of everything in my bag -- a small potty spray, a small tube of lotion, small toothbrush, a small bottle of perfume, the works! Although it may go against my "save the environment" mantra since smaller containers equals more waste in the long run, I will be honest and say that for me, smallness is cuteness.

Spread love, not germs <3
This year, I was so smitten with my collection of the Holiday versions of the Bath & Body Works Pocketbac hand gels, especially the Reindeer series! These babies come in several mint scents mixed with Tahitian Palm Milk for extra moisturization.

Now since I missed the POC Christmas Dinner because of my busy bazaar sked, I'm sharing some of these cutesy hand gels as gifts to my fellow writers who are equally as cute :)

How about you, do you like/collect small things? :)


  1. I do, I love collecting small toys, small tea cups, and stamps!

  2. Oh yeah, I saw your collection on your blog. Very cute :)

  3. My cousin let me smell a peppermint pocketbac. It was like candy!

    While it's true that smaller containers mean more waste in the long run, what I try to do as much as possible is just refill the small container with the same product that you can get in bigger sizes. I bring around a travel-size version of my daily moisturizer which I refill from its bigger sister using a syringe.

  4. Hi Kari! You're right, I do that as well whenever possible. Have a great 2011 :)

  5. I just read this! :) Yay! Are you meeting up with me and Liz on Friday?:)

  6. @Mara: Hi! I'd love to pass by and chat with you guys for a while, but unfortunately I can't stay for dinner :)