Saturday, December 4, 2010

Haul from Venus & Mars

One of the reasons why my sister and I trooped to the World Trade Center today was to get more stuff from Venus & Mars. We don't usually brave the World Bazaar on weekends because traffic is horrendous and the place is usually teeming with shoppers. 

Venus & Mars is one of my favorite brands of homegrown skin care products alongside Skin Hour. This time around since we were with the parentals, we thought of scoring more items since Mom is a beauty/skin care junkie herself.

I am always impressed with their extensive lineup of items -- they have soaps, serums, makeup removers, body creams, sunblock, etc. I honestly want one of everything!

Venus & Mars pioneered the use of Emu Oil in the Philippines and is very devoted to creating skin care products that really moisturize, protect and care for the skin, inside and out.

the faces behind the brand: Justin and Jamie Tan
These are the two forces behind the brand: Justin and Jamie Tan. They're two of the nicest people on the face of the earth. Seriously. I like buying from them because they are passionate about their business and they are always more than willing to answer my questions even at dead hours of the night.

And finally our loot:

From left to right: Bare it All Emu Cream (mentholated) Php 580/300g, Under Armour Whitening Deodorant Php 535, their brand new BB Wonder Cream Php 335/30ml, Smooch Lip Detox Php 170

Second row: Bikini Bomb Php 230, Keep Safe Tinted Sunblock Php 335

I've been lemming these for months but haven't really gotten around to ordering online, aside from their CPC+G. Will review these items soon. If you want to get your V&M fix, visit their booth at the World Trade Center til Dec. 16, then at the Noel Bazaar til the 23rd. You can also visit their site at


  1. First local, organic product i've used is Skinhour's moisturizing day cream. I loved it. it's just a waste that i didn't get to finish the product up by the 6th month (and to think i was using their 2nd to the smallest tub!).

    V&M's pretty famous, too. I'd like to give them a try these days...

  2. I agree, that Mattifying Day Cream is a tried and tested fave too! :)

  3. i haven't heard of venus and mars but from what i can see, it seems a really good beauty product :)

  4. @Hazel: They offer lots of skin care products. I would suggest the Bare it all cream, it's super mentholated and will leave you cool and tingly. Swear :)

  5. Wow I'm super curious about the emu oil ha! My legs are scarred regularly, I can't help it, and I'm a bit keloidal, so I'm always on the lookout for something that can help with healing.


  6. cooool! i wanna check them out too. :D

    world trade center? does this happen every weekend?

  7. usually until what time does the bazaar last?
    i bought several products from v&m online but I'm interested to check out the texture of the sunblock and bb cream, too. :)

  8. V&M will be at the World Trade Center bazaars til the 23rd. Please check their site for more info :)

    Regarding their tinted sunblock and BB cream, they pretty good as sunscreens however they only provide sheer coverage. Will write a review soon ;)

  9. unfortunately, i can't find their post about the current bazaar..
    i'm just not sure until what time at night/afternoon the bazaar's on... :D

  10. @Ecobeauty: Their next bazaar is at the Rockwell tent on this January. They will be announcing their bazaar dates soon :)

  11. hi Kira! it's me again :)I'm curious about the BB Wonder Cream. how is it working for you so far? thanks much! :)

  12. Hi Roma! I've been meaning to write an official review on their Wonder Cream since we've been using it since December, but I just haven't gotten around to doing so.

    You can, however, shoot me an email so I can send you my initial thoughts before I post it here :)