Monday, December 13, 2010

Divi Monday (also entitled "The reason why I am so tired today")

You'd be crazy to try to go to shop at Divisoria a few weeks before Christmas. But for us, it's sort of like tradition. Our Christmas won't be complete without a trip to Divi (today was our second one this week). It's great that I have a Mom who likes bargains and a boyfriend who is really patient. I remember in the 80s when we'd go to Sta. Elena and buy boxes of toys for all our cousins in the province.

When going to dodgy places like Divisoria, it pays to arrive early. Some malls open at 7 AM and close by 5 PM, therefore it is recommended to come early so you get first dibs and avoid huge crowds and tight spots. We usually arrive at around 7:30 AM because we are only 30 minutes away from Divi, lucky us!

Also, as with ukay ukay shopping, always dress down. Look poor if you must, and please do not speak in English or with a twang so that you can tawad all you want. Haha.

Anyway, I would like to share *some* of the photos I took today. I purposely left my camera at home because I didn't want to get mugged, so am using my trusty Greenheart camera phone.

This is the new wing people yet! We're early!
First up, breakfast:

This is what you get when you come in early -- less people, fewer lines, peace and quiet. Come in a little later and you will be faced with a rambunctious crowd.  I had a Jollibee Chicken Joy today because Mondays are chicken days.

Now that early morning hunger pangs are out of the way, let's go shopping!

Cute knick knacks
All my inaanaks wanted boots for Christmas. Go figure.
Hahaha. Do children actually wear these?!
Zero purse? Oh you mean coin purses. Doi.
And there are some of my personal faves. Prices have been withheld because these were either personal purchases or well-meaning gifts (I wouldn't want my dear friends to refer to this blog then discover how much their gifts actually cost. Hee-hee).

Everyone knows I have a soft spot for polka dots.
Aha-mazing suede pumps with embossed skulls
Soo cute. Me likey...
Hi-waist trousers with ze gold buttons and matching brown weaved belt (not in photo)
Anna Sui purses
I was actually kind of sad that I left my eco shopping bag at home. *fail*. And here are more putos of us after the shopping spree (wasn't able to take putos of Mark's purchases since they were in huge boxes at the back):

Mom was tired, haha :P
Mark where are you?! I am hungry again!!
So there! All in all we spent around 6-7 hours in Divisoria, and by the afternoon everyone was going crazy. So that explains why I am dead tired today and will not do any more writing. Hah. My last bazaar is this weekend and the tension is killing meee...Gawd make it Christmas already! :)

Are you guys done with your Christmas shopping? Have you purchased a gift for ME? :)


  1. Haha we somehow like the same stuff. I like your boater's hat (I wish I can also visit Divi so I can myself one). I bought that skull pump yesterday for my sister ^_^ I got mine for P500 at Eastwood so I bet you got yours cheaper...

  2. Thank you, Lyn! Oh the pumps were a little bit cheaper, but you got yours at a bargain already :)

  3. wow thanks for the tips! i've only been to Divi once coz i don't live near (unlike you.. so unfair LOL)... so greenhills is the place for me when i need my bargain-fix LOL :)

    love the shoes you posted! May i know how much those are? :) you can post in my site or email me instead! :)

  4. I love the anna sui purses!:) and the boater hat and skull pumps!:) i wanna go to divi!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE KOREAN KEYCHAIN DOLLS KIRA!! haha! are you in the bf pque bazaar too? or is this a diff one?

  6. @Hazel: They're less than P500 :)

    @Lai: I'll be at the Greenmeadows Bazaar on Dec. 18-19. I passed on the BF bazaar due to conflicting skeds, but forwarded the invite to Madz. Maybe next year ;)

  7. The hat! The pumps! I wish I were brave enough for Divisoria this season. :(