Monday, November 29, 2010

The Oldest Piece of Clothing I Own

Can you guess which one? 

This is what I wore to the Robinsons Yuletide sale last Friday (please see previous post). I am obviously grinning like a Cheshire Cat here because of all the lovely finds I took home with me. Thank you to Alex for taking this photo with the nice backdrop :)

Anyway, I am wearing my old Mossimo jacket that I've had since college, back when denim jackets were popular with us Catholic school girls in uniform (props to you if you can guess which school I graduated from, hee-hee). It's been stocked in my closet since graduation and I only remembered I had it when I was deciding what to wear to the event. Needless to say, the jacket is almost 10 years old! Eep, I just gave away my age right there. I also have another Mossimo jacket in soft chambray material. You could say I am pretty pleased I didn't chuck these out because they are still trendy today.

The black jumper dress is from Space and was first worn two years ago during my Sense & Style feature.

My brown drawstring bag is from Dorothy Perkins, Zebra necklace is from Bedazzle (store opening soon!) and the only new item I am wearing are my animal print flats from Shoebox.


  1. cute outfit! :) i love this simple yet so chic look! balance is everything i must say! you did great! :)

  2. Wait, are you a Paulinian? LOL. I am, and denim jackets were the thing back then.

  3. @Mara: Nope, not from St. Paul but close enough ;)