Monday, November 1, 2010

Meet Roopert.

When I told my Tita to bring me a kangaroo from Australia, I was expecting the life-sized version. Haha, kidding. She gifted me with a lovely polka dotted dress (yay!) and a cute kangaroo plushy which I aptly named ROO-PERT (get it? :p)

Roopert is seen above donning a cool brown vest with matching hat with tiny corks dangling from them. Steve Irwin would be so proud :)


  1. And here I thought you got another hermit crab, haha! However, Roopert is just as cute. :) I hope you write about the crabs again; they're my favorite reads on your blog.

  2. Hi Kari! Thank you so much, I love writing about my crabs too. It's just that I've been buried in work (aka beauty & fashion stuff) lately. But I promise to blog more about them. Max is turning a year old soon, so I''m excited <3