Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Have you tried Fizzy Fruits?

If you're ever like my boyfriend who loves cola drinks and fruits to death, then Fizzy Fruits are going to be perfect for you! While at the Zonta Alabang bazaar last weekend, I spotted this product amongst the sea of pastries and hungarian sausages (and God knows I love sausages too). I immediately bought 6 pieces (one of each kind) and gave a few to the boyfriend. 

What are Fizzy Fruits?

Well simply put, Fizzy Fruits are just carbonated fruits. A fun bubbly sensation brings out the natural flavor of the fruit, creating a unique taste experience guaranteed to make you smile. A patented process adds carbonation to the water that is already contained in fruit, giving the fruit a light and refreshing effervescence without altering the nutritional value or fiber content. The result? A rainbow of fresh and wholesome fruits – such as apples, grapes, and pineapple, to name just a few -- that sparkle with pure goodness. All natural, Fizzy Fruit contains no added sugars or artificial flavors or colors. Not to be mistaken for a beverage such as sparkling juice, Fizzy Fruit is sparkling fresh fruit . . . popping with flavor! (source)

I basically got all 5 flavors -- pineapple, grapes, fruit cocktail, RUM pineapple, VODKA grape (who doesn't like liqueur with their fruit right?) The regular Fizzy Fruits are only P27 each while the ones with rum and vodka are only P35 each *kira jumps for joy*

Another plus: each jar is spiked with L-carnitine to burn calories. Woot!

These guys are available in limited quantities at some supermarkets and restos in the Metro. You can also contact them at 794-3630/826-1798 or visit their Facebook fan page here.


  1. These guys are affiliated with the fizzy fruit company in Texas, are they not? Looks like the same logo. But the label indicates the above product to be based in the Philippines. Just asking.