Monday, November 22, 2010

Featured on Paper Bag Vintage

When I covered Phil. Fashion Week last October, I decided to wear my very first polka dot dress. Months before I did leave a comment on Alex's blog that I can never pull of wearing polka dots even if my life depended on it. Well in fashion, I've learned, that one must never say never.

With Daryl, Lyn and Fritz (photo courtesy of Ozy)
The polka dotted dress I am wearing in this photo was from Paper Bag Vintage, which I had altered weeks before. It's made of light, airy chiffon with a tiered skirt. The dots were small and did not overwhelm my petite frame. You could say that it was perfect for me and is currently one of my favorite dresses alongside my animal print waisted dress.

I decided to wear flats because as I've learned covering events and such (I wore heels last May), one always ends up darting from place to place and ends up with sore feet.

I am a huge fan of dresses, but I still choose comfort over fashion. And this dress is definitely tops in comfort in my book. I'd like to thank the lovely ladies over at Paper Bag Vintage (hello Kristen and Gwyneth) for this wonderful find and for featuring me in their StyleBook. They've got lots of good finds and I encourage everyone to take a peek. If that skull dress is still up for sale please, please buy it already! it's been calling me ever since I saw it (I love skulls, FYI) but I have too many skull dresses already :P


  1. Haha, I remember that comment! Yet here you are, looking so pretty in polka. I love the alterations that you made! :D


  2. I love how the dress looks on you! I dropped by Paperbag Vintage but egh, their website is so difficult to navigate. I kinda want the skull dress but I'm not sure if it'll fit me. :\

  3. Hi Lauren! Thank you :)

    Go straight to, the WIX kasi is medyo magulo. Here are the specs of the Skull dress (these were emailed to me before):

    Size: Extra Small - Small
    Fabric: Sheer (with lining underneath)

    Shoulder Width: 13 in. - 15 in.
    Sleeve Length: 23 in.
    Length from Shoulder Down: 31 in.

    I got the polka dot dress which is a size SMALL :) They also have a Facebook account, it's easier to navigate there.