Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Come visit the Bedazzle store!

I mustered enough strength to come to the opening of my friend's store today. I was down with a bout of cough and colds but I wouldn't miss this chance for the world.

Neatly tucked on the top floor of the newly refurbished University Mall (UM to those who are familiar) is Cat Limson's store of adorable and affordable handmade products. Cat has been my bazaar partner for the past two years, and after tons of bazaars, consignments and collaborations,  it was high-time she open up her own store. UM is perfect since she mostly caters to the younger set. Plus I was glad she set up shop here because it's just like going to school again, hee-hee.

At first glance, you'll immediately notice the shocking pink walls which are unmistakably Bedazzle. And once you enter you will be greeted by a treasure trove of originally-designed handmade items from headbands to purses and necklaces. Check out what Bedazzle has in store for you guys:

Rosette headbands - Php 119
Felt iPod cases and pouches Php 99 - 139
Bracelets - Php 249
Ribbon rings - Php 99
Cute heart brooches
Embellished flip flops - Php 249
Earrings - Php 99 - 129
Fabric bangles - Php 229

And these are my runaway favorites:

Multi-layered necklaces - Php 299
Check out some EarthlyDelights merchandise too! My hand painted necklaces, bangles and handmade notebooks are available here as well:

Cat and I would like to invite everyone to drop by the store, we'd love to meet you guys! And as a sweet thank you for patronizing handmade all these years, you are entitled to a 10% discount on ALL Bedazzle items til December 3 only :)

the talented and crafty Cat Limson
print this out and get a 10% discount :)
 Bedazzle is on the 3rd floor of University Mall, Taft Avenue (beside McDonald's)
We hope to see you there! :)

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  1. Ohh dang!! UM? I was there awhile ago but only on the ground floor!! I should have explored the newly renovated "mall" to visit that store :(

  2. @Ava: Yes! We hope you and your friends can visit! Write about us on your blog too, hee-hee :)

    @Hazel: I haven't explored the rest of the mall naman. I was cooped up on the 3rd level :)

  3. ooh lala! you still have the yoyo ntbk!!!! can i have it? or at least a pic? congratulations on your store cat! :) super nice crafts... good luck!

  4. Hi Trish! Will see if I can pull it out for you. I'll take a better pic when I visit the store again :)