Sunday, November 21, 2010

A bucket full of love

Being a fan of drawstring bags since high school, I am saying hello again to the hippie vibe with some new (and not so new) bucket bags. Now since I am still in bazaar-mode and Mom knows I am not allowed to shop for personal items (except for bazaar-related stuff), she gladly gifted me with these. My Mom's amazing, I love her :D

vintage prints
a seemingly run-of-the-mill bucket bag...
transforms into a stylish rucksack


  1. I didn't see you at the Brown Bag Market :(

  2. Oooh, I love the bucket bag that transforms into a rucksack. It's perfect for traveling! From which department store did you get those bags?

  3. nice bucket bag.. :)

  4. @Alex: Hi! Sorry I missed you guys but I was at another event, my friend Madz filled in for me though. I hope to see you soon, when my sked's not too hectic. Maybe after bazaar season?

    @Itahl: Thank you and thanks for dropping by my blog!