Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The birthday girl

*drumroll please*

Max is turning a year old next month! Yipee! She's grown a lot, though is still quite small compared to the other crabs. She may be small but she is quite dominant and aggressive, she successfully evicted larger crabs from their shells just because she wanted to try them on for size. Tsk, tsk. Naughty, naughty, Max. I am amazed the larger crabs are very tolerant of her behavior.

hey you! send me some new shells will ya?
To keep your crabs happy and healthy like Max, I suggest giving them a lot of variety when it comes to food. Make sure to include those with beta carotene to maintain their reddish/orangey color (although some crabs are naturally grey or black).

I want some bananas this time!
Max loves his fruits and his almonds. I am so lucky to have a Mom who bakes because I can just snatch some of her [fresh] ingredients and give them to my crabs. Hee-hee.

Max: "You are such a cheapskate!"

this shell seems nice, but it's just too big
So what does Max want for her birthday? She would like shells please, because she does not like the 50+ shells her human just purchased. She's choosy like that.


  1. cute chermits!♥ i've seen a shop in megamall selling these cuties (the shells are even decorated with paint) and my boyf and i have been thinking about getting one. it looks so easy to take care of and doesnt require too much maintenance,,, or, do they?LOL! plus they are really adorable!

  2. Hello Abbie! The store in Mega is called Lucky Hermits and I have 1 crab from there (her name is PP) and she's about 8 months old. You can check here My new crab. She's not really a Purple Pincher as I later discovered, but I haven't had time to edit her entries yet :)

    Crabs are pretty low-maintenance pets but they need a lot space to roam around and lots of sand and water, so make sure you get a large tank :)

  3. oh thanks so much for the tips. i'm really starting to think about buying one this weekend. hehehe. yeah, Lucky Hermits! i remember now. thanks again.♥

  4. It's a lovely feeling to see pets growing and getting healthier by the day ^_^