Monday, November 1, 2010

A baby hermit crab

Have you ever seen a baby hermit crab? I highly doubt it, since hermies do not breed in captivity. However, let me tell you about my experience last September while I was on holiday in Dakak.

I was scouring the sand looking for coral and things that I can take home with me, when my sister handed an unusual looking coral and told me I could keep it. I turned it over and discovered a teeny tiny baby hermit crab. I could not believe my eyes --- I have a baby hermit crab in my hand! A hermit crab, btw, has two basic stages of life: the aquatic stage and the terrestrial stage.

I think this the most adorable thing I've seen to date! Not a lot of people have the opportunity to spot a baby in their natural habitat. Can you see its eyes and translucent legs?

Dad cupping them in his hand
There were also a lot of small juvenile crabs that were running around the beach. The larger ones, I'm told, are more terrestrial and live way out far from the ocean. We took photos of these for posterity and let them go afterwards. They were soo happy to be back on the sand, as evidenced by these pictures:

letting them go
they all scurried around
I didn't take home any of the crabs, of course. I wouldn't dream of just taking them from their natural habitat. Plus I wouldn't know if they'd get along with the other crabs at home. I also spotted a mother hermit crab with eggs in her abdomen but didn't take a photo.

I haven't posted a lot of stuff about my hermit crabs (sorry!), but let me tell you that Max has been a naughty, naughty crabbie. He's not getting anything for Christmas.


  1. Ohhh the baby's so cute! You can easily crush them pala if you're not careful :( Buti they live on the beach, the sand acts as a sort of buffer I guess.

    Thanks for this entry to tide us over until the next crab-related one! Poor Max, I hope she doesn't spoil her own birthday by being bad :))

  2. I know right? It's soo teeny, and so helpless. It was under the coral which my sister found underwater, so I guess it's safe there. It was a great experience, seeing a baby crab and having photos to show you guys :)

  3. hi ask ko lng po sana kung saan ka bumibili ng small hermits mo??? mrami din ksi akong hermits..hehhe small to xl size..and also bka meron ka din alam nag bebenta ng mga shells ggnda ksi ng mga shells mo compare s akin..thanks in advnce

  4. @Anonymous: Hi there! I buy my empty shells at Kultura located in all SM malls. I prefer the natural ones, they sell them per piece and also in bulk.

    For colored shells I would suggest visiting Lucky Hermits ( or catching Happy Hermits at any of their bazaars. Painted shells are cute but are not recommended because the crabs have the tendency to eat the chipped paint. Please also visit my hermit crab site at :)

  5. ah ok ms kira thnks for the info.. two thumbs up for u!!

  6. hi ms kira ikaw ba yung nasa jessica soho kagbi???