Monday, November 8, 2010

Awesome stuff at Global Pinoy

This just in! PhilStar Supreme will be featuring Global Pinoy Bazaar merchants including EarthlyDelights! Yay! Stay tuned for the deets :)

As of writing, I am still tired, sleepy and terribly hungover. I was half-hearted about joining the Global Pinoy Bazaar this year (it would be my third), but at the last minute I just decided to just get over it and participate. The novelty of bazaars dwindle each and every year, I have been doing it for 3 years max while the boyfriend has been doing it since early 2000. And so I am very, very choosy about the ones I join.

So anyway since my eyes are still weary from lack of sleep, I'd like to share some of the things that made me happy yesterday. Take note: these were all cheap finds, definitely bargainista approved!

P50 clay rings from Bedazzle
P200 cupcake ring from Cosmopolitan
P150 Jalapeno necklace from Klay Girl as pasalubong for my silly PVZ sister
More PVZ! P100 clay earrings from Klay Girl
P650 Studded bag from Stellar
New kicks from Shoebox, only P499! Woot! (PS: those are marks from my lace up shoes)
delish Scramble Rumble only P15 with double milk and extra white chocolates
Beef Pepper Lunch with cheese :D
Artisan chocolates for only P95 each
And the best find of all -- homegrown chocolates from Theo & Philo! My personal favorite? The Dark chocolate with siling labuyo. I swear on the graves of my grandparents THIS STUFF IS DELICIOUS! Second runner up, Dark chocolate with kapeng barako. Yummeh!!!


  1. Wow we have same name! This stuff surely something to be proud of globally. Wait I gonna search on Global Pinoy to know more bout them. Thanks for the post. I love this place here.

  2. The bag looks amazing. Love the color! :> What is the body made of? Fabric?

  3. @cupscupscups: Hi! It's made of suede. The bags are designed and made by Cielo Sunglao :)

  4. wow! i love it! The chocolates are so yum!! I'd like to see more filipino food products though, like coffee beans, suman, sugar variants, kakanins and such. were there products like these?

  5. @Jen: Hi! Hmm...Didn't see any of those native delicacies. However, there were a lot of products that were designed/handmade by Filipino artists such as shirts, notebooks (like mine), accessories, home furnishings, shoes, furniture, clothing etc. :) You can also visit for more info ;)

  6. @jen and @kira: there were native food products outside, kape ni juan, but they didint sell coffee beans, and right across is muscovado sugar, el maestro antique, i purchased a bag of that sugar, my family uses muscovado sugar only and this one is the best muscovado i tried! everyone in my family loved it!! i also loooooove the theo and philo chocolates, i can't seem to get enough!! do they have a website, theo and philo? and also the el maestro muscovado? i wish to order some more!

    BTW, great blog Kira!

  7. @Dianne: Thanks hunny for the info :) You can visit Theo & Philo at, they deliver for free if you order P1000 worth of chocolates :)

  8. Super Thanks sis :) Goodluck on your Business and Nice meeting you :)

  9. Oh I am so glad I stumbled upon this website. I was browsing through the blog and comments, and Dianne mentioned about El Maestro Mucovado sugar. I have been wanting one since it first came out in the Philippines, i bought one at the bazaar, and I want to make another purchase, but according to the owner, their office addrss in the Philippines is in Paranaque and they don't do deliveries atm. Hopefully they'd be able to soon, i want to give it as Christmas gift. They do have a website... i think? but here is the contact number 09062192782. The owner is very nice and accomodating. Hope this helps. :)